TT22 is Going to Maine!

Chris Thornton in Maine
will be our TT22 host for October.

Chris is a freelance court reporter/stenographer who lives with her husband of 30 years in Old Town, Maine.

Hobbies? “Anything to do with arts and crafts: Knitting was my gateway drug for spinning and weaving (3 floor looms, several tapestry looms, rigid heddle looms and inkle looms)” But then there is also sewing (garments and quilting), basket weaving, and baking bread …

She also shares her home with Flash – a teacup Australian Shepherd. Flash will interrupt herding the birds in the backyard to become TT22’s buddy for the month.

Chris started pin loom weaving on a Zoom loom in 2019 and has added several triangle and square continuous strand looms since then.

When asked if she has woven on a TURTLE loom before, she replied “As they say in Maine, ‘nevah’!  Looking forward to it!”

So are we! Chris is thinking of weaving a hexagon flower …

You can follow Chris on her Instagram account MaineWeaver, where this month she will be sharing TT22’s autumn adventures in Maine.

Meanwhile …

Old Town, Maine, is the home of Old Town kayaks and canoes … Charlene had to check it out instantly … I think she’s ready to take a dip in those beautiful lakes …

(Photo credits: Photos 1-3 by Chris Thonrton. Used with permission. All rights reserved.)

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