Travel Turtle 2022 – Call for July Host

Can you believe it? We’re starting the second half of the year! And Charlene now firmly believes that there is a Christmas in July …

Let’s determine where TT22 will spend the month of July… If you are interested and available to “entertain” TT22 for a month, please leave a comment in the comments section.

Signup is open now, and will end Thursday, June 30th, 12 pm US CDT. I will contact the new host and make the announcement shortly after I hear back from him/her.

If you would like to know more about how this challenge works, please see the plan.

PS: Did you see Kathryn’s adorable patchwork turtle Tanana? Kathryn and Charlene are working on writing up instructions for how you can make your own precious memory turtle … they want to share those instructions with you in a few days, right here on the blog …

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like North Pole …

Some of you already know Kathryn Olson, our Travel Turtle 2022 host for the month of June, with her very creative, unconventional, colorful projects of many fiber crafts. But not everybody knows that last year she moved to North Pole, Alaska!

Meet Kathryn, who lives with her daughter’s family, and a dog Pua, eight cats, and two birds, Mellow and Little Foot. When asked, Kathryn described herself as “I do yarn”, which includes crocheting, knitting, tatting, weaving and pretty much anything that involves yarn.

Her favorite projects are shawls and dolls. For TT22’s stay Kathryn hopes to explore the surrounding fiber world and maybe make a box turtle.

Charlene is a bit jealous that TT22 will see Alaska, but – and I quote Charlene – “I’m looking forward to hopefully see many pictures of the state where the sun in the summer doesn’t go down, and where they have rather unusual wool from cows …”

You are invited to follow TT22’s and Kathryn’s adventures in North Pole on Instagram account @kathryn1160.

(Photo credits: All photos by Kathryn Olson. Title photo by Stephanie Cannizzaro. Used with permission. All rights reserved.)