The TURTLE loom family is growing … see all current looms here “at a glance”.

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Loom Image Size Regular or
List Price Notes
BabyTURTLE™, R 20200530_BT-Measure 1” side-to-side Regular $21  
PennyTURTLE™, F 20200530_PT-Measure 1” side-to-side Fine-sett $22  
TinyTURTLE™, R Tiny-R 2” side-to-side Regular $29  
TinyTURTLE™, F 20200818_143657_resized(2) 2” side-to-side Fine-sett $32  
Original TURTLE Loom™, R Original-R 4” side-to-side Regular $39  
Original TURTLE Loom™, F Original-F 4” side-to-side Fine-sett $43  
TexaTURTLE™, R Texa-R 6” side-to-side Regular $44  
Elongon™, 1”, R 20201030_175534_resized (2) 1” side length Regular $26  

Elongon™, 1”, F

1” side length Fine-sett $28  
Elongon™, 2”, R Elongon-2-R 2” side length Regular $38  
Elongon™, 2”, F Elongon-2-F 2” side length Fine-sett $42  
Square, 2”, F 20201030_183417_resized (2) 2” side length Fine-sett $29  

Regular or Fine Sett*: Refers to pin spacing. “Regular” pin spacing is for worsted weight yarns (knitting gauge 16-20 sts/inch). “Fine sett” or fine-sett™ is for sock/fingering weight yarns (knitting gauge 24-26 sts/inch). Please note that these are guidelines … yarns vary, and you may want to use different yarns to achieve a looser or tighter fabric.

All looms are “Gen 2”, which means they have headless pins and a stamp with yardage and wraps information on the back.

All looms come as a kit, including looms, tools, and instructions.

Please contact us if you have any further questions!