Ta-Da! The Original Jewel F – Fine Sett is Here!

The first batch of Original Jewel F looms is ready, and we know that some of you have been really, really waiting for it.

Without further ado, here is the new Jewel F loom, “Original” size, which means it works well together with other “Original” TURTLEs like the hexagon and diamond shapes. “F – fine sett” for sock/fingering yarn … American weight 1 – 2 and British weight DK with a knitting stitch gauge of 24-26 work best. Slightly thicker/thinner yarns will make beautiful denser/lacier fabrics.

This wheel sampler shows just a few examples of yarns that work very well on the new Jewel F.

Here’s a closer look at the sampler yarns:

If you miss out on the first batch of Original Jewel F looms, don’t worry, there will be more. Batch 2 is in the making and will be ready before Christmas. You can signup on Etsy to be notified when we list more, or you can contact us to get onto our list. That way you will keep your space in line and we will let you when your loom is ready.

When you get your Jewel loom, a great first project is to make some tree ornaments!

The yarn I used here is Chaos Fiber Co Christmas Time, a variegated green/red fingering weight yarn that creates a plaid-like effect while weaving.

How To Make A Tree Ornament:

  • Weave two jewels on your new Original Jewel F loom (or use your Jewel R with thicker yarn).
  • Sew the shapes together along the edges, leaving an opening for stuffing.
  • To give the ornament more strength, insert a piece of cardboard or plastic canvas (you can find the cutting template here).
  • You could also bend into shape or weave a fairy light chain, which will ad a romantic lighting to your ornament. Or use any stuffing of your choice for a more 3D effect.
  • Add a hanger.
  • Embellish with anything you like: Bows, bells, garlands, or embroider a name or a date.

Ready to make, give, enjoy!

Don’t Forget the Kitchen Twine!

This year, when you do your grocery shopping for the holidays, make sure to get some extra kitchen twine. Together with the Original TURTLE Loom R it may serve as a holiday emergency kit

Weave up a stack of hexagons on your Original TURTLE loom (R – regular sett). Each hexagon requires about 6 yards of twine. Remember to weave loosely, since the twine has not stretch.

Now you will be prepared to:

Have some coasters for the beer.

Just weave single hexagons and weave in the ends. Done!

Have a basket for the dinner mints.

You will need three hexagons. Follow the instructions for the Easy Tassel Basket but skip the crochet border, and tie the flaps with simple single-string bows.

Battle the gravy spills.

Sew four hexagons together to make a puzzle block. Instructions can be found in this video.

Have a welcoming restroom.

Use single hexagons for make-up pads or wipes, offer four-hexagon puzzle blocks as guest towels.

Keep the kids busy with a bean bag toss.

Sew two hexagons together. Before closing the sides completely, fill the pouch with a handful of beans. Use any basket or bucket as target. (Idea from Paint Drop Toss Game)

Tip: Decorate the hexagons.

Optionally, you can decorate any of the projects with washable markers … another way to keep kids of all ages entertained while waiting for the meal.

Using dotting motions to apply the colors works well.

Do the dishes.

Seven hexagons make a nice flower dishcloth! Instructions for making a flower dishcloth can be found here.

Of course, you can still use the twine to tie the turkey or the roast! Most of all: Stay calm and weave on.

Have a happy and safe holiday season!

All supplies and props – except for the loom of course – were obtained at a HEB grocery store.