Welcome Elongon and Square in 3″ R!

The new Little Looms Fall 2022 magazine is stealing the show! It makes it difficult to squeeze in the announcement that “Hey, we have a couple of new looms!”

First, there is the new Elongon 3″ R … a larger elongated hexagon loom with regular pin spacing for worsted weight yarns.

With 3″ side length this loom is great to make quick progress on larger projects, like the Cathedral Window blanket, but it is still very comfortable to hold and to work with.

Next, there is the new Square 3″ R loom, to match the above Elongon and also with regular pin spacing for worsted weight yarns.

The squares work up quickly and can be used on their own or together with any other looms that work with or complement a side length of 3″.

I enjoyed making the Cathedral Blanket with these looms, using a wonderful wool, Berroco Lanas.

I hope to chat about working the “stained glass” effect a bit more in the near future, because I think pin loom weaving is naturally perfect for that.

Of course the usability of the new looms goes far beyond stained glass effects. You can use them for pretty much any other project on any other Elongon … the results are “just a little bit bigger”!

Side by side hexagons woven on the Elongon 1″ and Elongon 3″

9 thoughts on “Welcome Elongon and Square in 3″ R!

  1. Gabi, you have to stop doing this to us! You know we will have to have one. Lol

    1. Lol, that’s a good one! However … I just want to make sure that everyone is aware of what’s ESSENTIAL …

  2. WOW❣️❣️2 more outstanding loom’s for us to add to our collection, and your blanket posted on the front cover….definitely deserves to be there, because it’s absolutely gorgeous looking😍

  3. Hi again Gabi, Two exciting posts from Turtle Looms in one day!! The two new looms are lovely, and my fingers are itching to work with them already. However, I need to put off the purchase until later this summer. My husband and I will be leaving shortly to visit Germany. Can you recommend any special sites or yarn shops? We will be in the Baden Wurtemburg area mostly.

    1. Oh, please say “Guten Tag!” from me to Germany! I’m not familiar with stores in Baden-Württemberg … if you get to Augsburg, a friend of mine likes the Nadelspiel. Enjoy your travels!

  4. The blanket is beautiful, but if it were made with the 2″ elongon looms, do you think it would end up lap blanket size?

    1. Hi Karen,
      If you would make the exact same blanket with the Elongon and Square 2″ looms, you would get a blanket measuring about 24″ x 38″.
      That might be a little bit small … HOWEVE … because you’re working with pin looms, you can easily add a row and column or more, to easily get to the exact size of your liking!

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