While Interweave’s PieceWork magazine is celebrating its 25th anniversary, we are getting ready to celebrate our first! And … spring is right around the corner … plenty of reasons for uplifting joy. We would like you to celebrate with us …

We’ve tried something new, combining hexagon weaving with hexagon crocheting.

You could just weave hexagons, or you could just crochet hexagons. But we would like to encourage you to try both. We’ll be right at your side, supporting you at every step of the way as needed.


The weaving is done on the original TURTLE hexagon pin loom (about 4″ weaving size) , which combines two methods to make the weaving of hexagons possible. Photo guided step-by-step instructions come with the loom, but you can also learn with free instructional videos on our Youtube channel.



LANG Yarns Mille Colori 200 is a classic multi-colored wool blend with  matte-shiny effects and complex color combinations. We chose color combination #16 with orange, blue, pink, yellow in dominance. It very much reminded us of a flower filled spring meadow. Store locator


IMG_7461Wonderland Yarns by Frabjous Fibers  is perfect for crocheting. The fingering weight, superwash merino Cheshire Cat is not only the perfect weight for working lacey hexagons, but the “#46 Little Busy Bee” color carries on the color scheme of the Mille Colori and completes therefore the meadow effect. Where to buy

For your convenience, we have a limited supply of yarn kits for the shawl available.

You can get all the supplies you need at (get the loom and get the yarn kit) And don’t forget to download the free “Celebration” shawl pattern!

Here are two ways to download the pattern:

If you have any questions, please email

Happy crafting!


A Special Note

We are grateful for Brynn Vasquez, who modeled our shawl, Rebecca Halbgewachs for her amazing photography,  and Jeni Vasquez for the perfect photo shoot coordination. We had so much fun that we can hardly wait to do it again!

Graphic designer Teresa Warren exceeded our expectations with the best new logo for our looms, and an ad design beyond imagination.

A big thank you to the FW Media Team who is the friendliest bunch of most efficient marketing  people we’ve worked with in years.

Special mention goes to Texas craftsman Bryan Nelson of Nelsonwood, who hand turns beautiful ergonomic crochet hooks out of precious woods.