Friday 13th, and Martha Said “Add A Spider”

Last weeks blog post about the Jelly Yarns® resulted in a myriad of fun conversations! We decided to turn those around into making the vinyl weaving experiment for Halloween earrings even more spooky.

Here are some of the comments … and the answers!

IMG_5848 (2)

“Do you have the vinyl in black?” Yes, we do. We’ve added Jelly Yarns®’ “Black Licorice®” as a color choice. Please note that even though the name sounds promising, none of the Jelly Yarns are edible.

“Do you have other colors, like orange? Yes, we do. As a matter of fact, we’ve added two orange color choices, the one is “Orange Sherbet”, a translucent orange, the other is a solid orange, named “Pumpkin Spice”. They don’t glow, but are sure Halloween classics.


“Can I have one black and one vanilla/glow?” Yes, you can. We’ve added a color choice “Mix-N-Match” and you can specify the colors that you’d like in the comment section of your order.

Also, Martha commented that it would be cool to have a spider sit on the glow-in-the-dark earring. So, we added spiders … to ALL kits! You can glue them on or tie them with black thread to your finished earrings.


Lastly, we heard “I don’t have a TinyTURTLE”, and here’s our TREAT for the Friday 13th weekend: For the next four days (treat ends 10/16 11:59pm CT), you may choose a free earrings kit when you order a TinyTURTLE loom kit, just specify what colors you’d like in the comment section of your order.

If you’d like more than one kit or already have a TinyTURTLE™, just click here: Halloween Earrings Kits.

Happy … ok, I say it … Halloween!

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