Advent Calendar Ornaments

An Advent Calendar is a special calendar to count the days from December 1st to 24th in anticipation of the Christmas holiday. You use the calendar by hanging a new, numbered ornament every day on a wall hanging (or any other means of display, for example a branch arrangement).

This project is using the Tiny TURTLE™ loom to make 24 numbered ornaments for an advent calendar.


We’ve recorded a DIY video that shows step-by-step how to make the ornaments:


As a supplement to the video, we provide a worksheet with detailed materials info and a full size hexagon template for the ornament felt backing: Project Worksheet “Advent Calendar Ornaments”.


To display the ornaments, we’re using the Tannenbaum wall hanging that we introduced last week. If you would like to make that wall hanging, you can find the instructions in this blog post: O Tannenbaum.

Enjoy making these advent calendar ornaments and enjoy using this wonderful tradition with your children or grandchildren!

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