Be My Valentine!

20190203_145852_resized (2)A quick project in vibrant Caron® x Pantone™ colors, just in time for Valentine’s. Make this adorable heart place mat of hexagons and a tumbling block!

Caron x Pantone continues to be a great yarn for TURTLE loom weaving, and – as this project shows – also for Hazel Rose pin looms with even nail spacing.  In this project we combine the TexaTURTLE hexagon pin loom with the Hazel Rose Tumbling Block.

20190203_150101_resized (2)This is a “one skein” project for the Carone x  Pantone. While we are using “Spicy Blooms” for this sample, you can use any other color combo of your liking (Just match up the colors in the instructions below).

If you’re not a crocheter, the table mat looks gorgeous without any embellishments, since the hexagons and the tumbling blocks come off the loom with nice, finished edgings.

But let’s get going, here are the instructions:

20190131_164546_resized (2)You will need:
TexaTURTLE loom
Hazel Rose Tumbling Block loom
1 skein Caron® x Pantone™ “Spicy Blooms”
weaving tools
crochet hook, US J/10 or hook size to work the border evenly

Caron® x Pantone™ “Spicy Blooms” color code:
C1 — pink 18-2436
C2 — bright orange 18-1561
C3 — plum 17-1723
C4 — light orange 17-1462
C5 — med orange 17-1452

1 hexagon in C1
1 hexagon in C2
1 tumbling block in C3

Using whip stitch, sew the hexagons and the tumbling block together to shape the heart. Use the photos to guide you.

20190203_144929_resized (2)

Crochet Border (use detail photo for guidance):
Rnd 1: Starting at any corner, join C4 and sc around: Work 3 sc into 4 loops along the hexagon sides, 4 sc into 5 loops along the tumbling block. Work 3 sc into the tip of the heart, 2 sc into each of the other “corners”. End with a sl st into the first sc, connecting C3 for the next rnd.
Rnd 2: Chain 2 (first sc and one ch), then “skip one st, sc1 in next st” all around. At the tip of the heart, work “sc1, ch1, sc1” into the same st. At the other “corners”, do not skip a st but work the next sc into the next st. End with a sl st into the second ch of the beginning of the round, connecting C1 for the next rnd.
Rnd 3: “Sc into space of previous row, ch1”. Repeat to end. End with a sl st into the first sc, connecting C5 for the next rnd.
Rnd 4: Sc in first space of the previous row, “3 dc into next space, sc 1 into next space” Reeat to end. Sl st into first sc. No special treatment for any corners needed. Bind off.
Weave in all ends.

Block as desired. The finished size is about 13.5″ wide and 11″ tall.

Serve with chocolate and wine.

Happy Valentine’s!

20190203_144920_resized (2)


6 thoughts on “Be My Valentine!

  1. This is lovely and I can’t wait to get started but I have a question regarding the first round of crochet. What do you mean by saying work 3 sc into four loops along the hexagon sides? Won’t this make the edge uneven and do I work 3 sc every 4th loop?

    1. Good question, Karen! Let me see if I can clarify this … it’s a term that I’m used to from knitting …

      When you have your hexagon, 4 sides of it have edgings that look like little “elbows” next to each other. On those sides, work a single crochet into three of those little elbows/loops, then skip the next one, then work a single crochet into the next three loops, and so forth. Does that help? Also, this is a guideline. People crochet differently and you may adjust as needed. Let me know how it goes!

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