Forget-Me-Not Pillow

Spring time, flowers, hexagons … Fill your home with cheer with this easy-to-make pillow case.

The finished pillow case measures about 14″ side-to-side or 16″ across the widest points, which is the perfect size for a typical throw pillow.

The pillow has a flower on the front and the back. You can make them both the same or different, or even just one flower and keep the back plain. The following instructions are given for two of the same flowers, adjust as needed:

20190310_160810_resized (2)You will need:

  • Original TURTLE Loom™
  • Worsted weight yarn: About 12 yards in yellow, 72 yards in blue, and 108 yards in green. We used Phildar Frimas in Colza and Yarn Bee Ashley (discontinued) in Limelight and Pale Aqua.
  • 1 round pillow, about 16″ in diameter, or stuffing
  • tapestry needle, scissors


  • 12 hexagons in blue for the petals
  • 2 hexagons in yellow for the centers of the flowers
  • 18 hexagons in green for the border


Decide how you want to make your flower. Depending on the yarn you will be using, there are two options:

20190310_194116_resized (2)Line up all hexagons the same way, which will create an even fabric. Click here to see a video about joining hexagons “with fabric direction”. You will connect hexagons to hexagons first into rows, then connect the rows.

20190310_194057_resized (3)If you are using a variegated yarn for your flower, you may get a very pretty effect if you assemble your flower first like in this dishcloth example, and then add the border after that.

You may have noticed that this pillow case seems to use half hexagons along the border. These are actually full hexagons that are “shared” between the front and the back panel. Here are the steps to make this work:


  • 20190307-ForgetMeNotPillow-FINALUse the chart to assemble the front and the back panel.
  • Right sides facing, put the front panel on top of the back panel.
  • Starting at the tip of two matching hexagons, sew the hexagon sides together as they appear. This will automatically “share” the overlapping hexagons from the back panel with the front.
  • Sew along five sides of the pillow, leaving the last side open for stuffing.
  • Turn the pillow case right side out, insert the pillow, then close completely.

Make one, make many! Give one to a friend or family member. Play with colors, match them to any home decor. Since each flower only needs 36 yards for the petals, this is also a great way to showcase some precious hand spun or novelty yarn.

Happy spring weaving!





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