How To Add A “Warp”

Once you get into pattern weaving, you may want an extra “warp” on your TURTLE loom to make a pattern fit. The following method is easy to do and works on all TURTLE looms …

Let’s start with taking a close look at how we usually begin, because that will help to show how adding a warp is different. If you follow the instructions, you start with a slip knot over the top white/X/I pin, next going around the bottom white/X/I pin.

20190324_142243_resized (2)

You lead the thread up to the first pin on the left of the one with the slip knot, and if you look at the picture, you see two vertical threads, the first two “warps”.

20190324_142303_resized (2)

Now let’s add one “warp”. Instead of starting with a single strand, make the slip knot large enough that the loop fits around both of those starting pins. Make sure you have the working thread at the bottom or facing towards you when you do that.

20190324_142409_resized (2)

Now, just lead the working thread up to the first pin on the left of the top starting pin.

20190324_142509_resized (2)


From here on it’s “business as usual”. Weave your unders and overs as usual, except now you have one more. And, in the end you will have one extra “warp” in the center section.

Ask TURTLE if you need help, and HAPPY WEAVING!

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