Crochet AND WEAVE a Turtle Tote

20190723_154109_resized (2)This summer has been full of surprise project inspiration, most recently when Yarnspirations posted a new pattern for a Crochet Sea Turtle Tote Bag.

That’s a long name for a project, but it measures up with the fun and success of making this cute tote.

20190723_153538_resizedI see hexagons everywhere, so when I saw the turtle bag, it took only milliseconds in my mind to replace the crocheted hexagons with woven ones. But then come the questions: Will the woven hexagons have the right size? Can I use the same yarn? A study of the pattern revealed that the answer is a clear YES!

20190723_164531_resized (2)Sarah Zimmerman designed her turtle tote using Lily Sugar’n Cream, a cotton that weaves very well on the TURTLE looms.

I had just sampled a skein of Scrub Off, which combines regular Sugar’n Cream with scrubby  yarn in one (for the records, one ball weaves up to 19 hexagons on the Original TURTLE Loom), and using those as samples to test for proper sizing, I was surprised to see how well everything fits.

Then, I simply followed the pattern. When crocheting around the hexagons, I worked the “sc1, ch 1, sc1” into each corner and spread 6 sc as instructed evenly across each side. Everything else is exactly as instructed.

20190721_183930_resized (2)I did not have the suggested colors available, so I used what I had in stash. This pattern is perfect for that … be creative and make your turtle your own!

Happy crafting!

2 thoughts on “Crochet AND WEAVE a Turtle Tote

    1. Thank you, Hazel! The cudos go to Sarah Zimmerman (RepeatCrafterMe) for designing such a cool crochet tote, and to Mr. Zufall (coincidence) for it to be the perfect hexagon size to match the Original TURTLE Loom!

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