Meet Tangram Alpaca … and the New Fine-Sett Elongon Loom!


20190910_143023_resizedIt is our pleasure to announce the launch of the new Elongon 2″ F (fine-sett) loom, available immediately!

Quick stats: Elongon 2″ F (fine-sett)

  • Same weaving size as Elongon 2″ regular, you can use the same pattern ideas for both looms and/or use them together.
  • 6.3 yards of fingering/sport weight yarn per hexagon.
  • 5.5 wraps after the first continuous strand part of weaving.

WARNING!!! Use this loom at your own risk … weaving it is VERY addictive!

20191130_121256_resizedOne of the hardest things for the Elongon fine-sett launch was to choose the project to introduce the loom …Our super-cute “Tangram Alpaca” won the race, but that only means that the others will follow.

20191127_151107_resizedAlpacas (and llamas, too!) are so cuddly cute, it’s hard to resist wanting to have one (or a herd). The gray alpaca is made of a mini skein of Scheepjes Metropolis Colour Pack sock yarn. Have a “real” alpaca, using alpaca yarn, like the white alpaca, made of natural, undyed alpaca Eco Puna from Amano. The Tangram Alpaca would also be an awesome project to use handspun alpaca yarn … or any 44 yards of pretty yarn that you have in your stash!

20191130_084353_resizedOur Tangram Alpaca is made of only six hexagons, plus one hexagon for a decorative “blanket”. While it is not true tangram, it makes a cozy pocket pet, or you can add a string to make an ornament.


Head over to Bluebonnetcrafters on Etsy to grab the loom, then download the free, photo-guided Tangram Alpaca instructionsHAPPY WEAVING (and post pictures of your alpaca herd)!


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