The Story of the Indian Blanket Flower Afghan … and A Giveaway

20200402_140156_resizedI’m still in awe about the fact that our afghan making the front page of the  “Easy Weaving with Little Looms 2020” magazine … here’s its a little bit about how it all happened …

20190428_131508_resizedWhen we moved to Texas over a decade ago, I fell in love with the vegetation that was so different from anything in New England … or Germany, for that matter.

The first spring I discovered what people around here call “Indian Blanket”, a beautiful ground cover with saturated yellow, red, and brown flowers on a sage green background. Instant favorite! Like many flowers, the pretty blooms only last a few weeks, and I desired to capture and preserve that beauty and actually use it like its name suggests, as a blanket (preferably without any snakes).

20190928_140046_resized-2I thought of different techniques and yarns, made a few swatches, but it just wasn’t right. Until last year, when everything came together: I learned about the Scheepjes Catona cotton yarn and found the perfect colors to match the real plant. The woven samples on the original TURTLE Loom™ in fine-sett were a dream to make, to look at, and to feel.  Traditional flowers from quilt patterns served as inspiration to express the different color layers of the Indian Blanket bloom. But I wanted it more naturally than a traditional blanket, more like the real Indian Blanket patches on the meadow! Finally, the design for the Indian Blanket Flower Afghan was to my satisfaction: A contemporary hexagon flower afghan that looks like a zoom in to a real Indian Blanket flower patch, with bold flowers spread out, all naturally shaped with irregular borders.


It was  time to submit design ideas to the “Little Looms” team for the next issue … why not the afghan? I admit, I did sit down when I received the notification of acceptance!

Bonnie and CooperAt this point I would like to send about 120 hugs to fellow pin loom weaver Bonnie Visser, one hug for each hexagon that she helped weaving, so that we could make the deadline to send in the projects. Here is the first of many very delightful conversations that Bonnie and I had:


After that, Bonnie setup her famous workstation and went straight to work, delivering the most perfect 120 hexagons one could wish for!

With Bonnie’s and my daughter Edith’s help (yes, there is a secret mother/daughter flower in that afghan), we made the deadline. It was five intense weeks of weaving and sewing, with many take-out dinners for my family (not that they minded that, but thank you for your patience anyway). Here are a few “war zone” pictures of that time.

When you make this afghan, take your time! This is not a weekend project, but to finally being wrapped in the cool and soft cotton fabric is a second to none experience that I wish I could share with you right now.


20200415_164952_resized_4Then, in February, fellow weaver Dawn was the first to tell me about the poll for the “Little Looms” front cover. Pin loom afghan or rigid heddle table runner? While the table runner looked beautiful, too, it was wonderful to see so many enthusiastic pin loom weavers not just cast their votes but also comment. Pin looms are not toys, they are real little looms that let you make real projects. Only one’s imagination is the limit.

Lastly, a big thank you to the amazing team behind the “Easy Weaving with Little Looms 2020” magazine. In my opinion this is the best “Little Looms” yet, and not because of the cover. To many, many more years, and with many, many more pin loom projects!

20200416_183355_resized_2Still reading? Oh, yes, the GIVEAWAY! We like to share joyful moments, so we wish to give away three print copies of the new “Little Looms 2020” magazine to three readers who leave a comment on this post, telling what you like about pin loom weaving.

The rules:

  • Leave a comment below, on this post.
  • You can enter now until Sunday, April 19, 2020, midnight US CDT.
  • Winners will be announced the following Monday, here on the blog.
  • No substitutes, no cash.
  • This giveaway is open to little loom lovers internationally unless there are any legal restrictions in your country that prevent us from shipping to you. (Note: In case you win we will pay for USPS International First Class shipping or contribute to the postage in the equivalent amount of that. You will have to pay for any extra shipping cost and any custom and/or tax incurred by your country.)
  • We will use the comments/contacts information only to determine the winners.
  • The winners will be determined randomly.
  • In case you win, we ask you for permission to post your first name and state or country here on this blog when we announce the winners.

31 thoughts on “The Story of the Indian Blanket Flower Afghan … and A Giveaway

  1. I adore weaving with pin looms, they offer a different way to make fabric. And the fact that they are so portable is a real plus.

    1. Thank you for this beautiful bit of happiness during these troubled times! I love little looms, as they’re so portable!

  2. I love the versatility of pin looms. Texture, color and patterns can really be important. I often take my bookmark loom with me and give a bookmark to anyone who shows interest. I’ve given away a lot of bookmarks.

  3. I discovered this magazine by chance last year at our local newsagent. I had recently purchased a Zoom Loom and Turtle Hexagon loom and was just learning how to use them. I used the patterns in the 2019 edition to make some Christmas decorations that I gave as gifts. It’s a great publication.
    I live in Australia and unfortunately I will not be able to purchase this current edition until June.

    1. I am fairly new to pin loom weaving, but love it. My cousin that is into genology says that my family heritage is coming out it me because there were numerous spinners and weavers in generations past. I like the small size that is easy to take and use anywhere. Then you can use your imagination and the sky is the limit!

  4. Almost a year ago, I sat in the ICU with my nonverbal autistic brother. It was a night when we hoped he would recover, and he seemed to be doing better. So I pulled out a newer pin loom and started weaving. It was small and portable so it had been packed in my carry on, and had flown with me to be there for my brother. He watched me, fascinated and I suddenly knew, he’d find a way to do this if he got better. I also knew I would need to buy him a loom of his own! He wanted to do it too, but unfortunately he took a turn for worse and died 5 days later. But that moment, sitting in his hospital room, weaving, with him almost there and watching me, is a treasured and dear memory. I love pin looms because I can weave with them anywhere!

  5. Pin loom weaving for me, is very relaxing and is a great evening project to work on. I especially like working with variegated yarns, it’s interesting to see the end result of your woven hexagon. It is also a perfect tool to use up your left over sock yarn.

  6. You nailed it (excuse the pun), your blanket echoes the flowers perfectly. I too live in Australia and the cost of purchasing in US dollars is prohibitive.

  7. You nailed it (excuse the pun), your blanket echoes the flowers perfectly. I too am from Australia and the cost of purchasing from the US is prohibitive.

  8. I so much love seeing the photo’s of your progress on the Afghan. It was a true honor for me to help you, and I was s very excited to here that this gorgeous Afghan is going to be in such a very Popular & well loved magazine. Congratulations to you🤗😘🤗

  9. I just discovered pin loom weaving a couple of months ago. Now I own 8 sizes/shapes of looms and have my eye on three others! I can’t believe I had never come across pin weaving in all the years I’ve been crafting. I love how portable it is and will be doing this for years to come!

  10. Not only do I like the finished product, but I enjoy the meditative rhythm I find when weaving on the pin looms. It also satisfies the small bit of OCD I have as I like watching the perfect little squares form after each row.

  11. This Tory is a heart warmer for sure! The joy and friendships I’ve developed from weaving on my little loom know no bounds. As I sit and weave I think of all the great weavers I’ve had the joy to weave “with” even though I am far away. I’ve feel very privileged to know, be inspired by and become friends with so many kind and creative people. Thank you for letting me be a part. It makes it a bit less lonely (cause sometimes it just is here) on this little island. Congratulations to you all for a beautiful project! ❤️❤️❤️

  12. I too love the portability of pin looms. I’ve made a few larger projects from them and my fiber friends are often surprised that something so small can create something so gorgeous.

  13. I thoroughly enjoy creating on my pin looms and adding new shapes and sizes of looms to my collection. Their portability, ease of use, and versatility in what you can make are fabulous! Blankets, clothing, 3D toys,…it’s an endless list. 😊🧶

  14. This whole story makes me so happy. I first learned about pin loom weaving at our county fair maybe 5-6 years ago? Then I stumbled on the Pin Loom Weaving Support Group on FB. It’s not a common craft. And this group is so wonderful, even hosting worldwide swaps! To see a little loom project on a magazine cover is quite wonderful. I had no idea when I began weaving the joy, FB friendship, group weaving support and education I would find. Congrats on the amazing cover! 💕

  15. I absolutely love my hexi pin loom. It’s especially fun to see the surprised look on people’s faces when I tell them I wove it in one piece

  16. I really like how significant a project the blanket is having been made with little hexagons. So cool! I am totally in love with Bonnie’s workstation. I’d love to see a post about how it is made.

    1. Thanks so much Stacy for the interest in my workstation. It was a quick setup and I am actually thinking about upgrading it so I don’t need the wooded holder to hold the weaving loom, because there not being sold anymore because the guy has health issues several years ago. I will post in the group when I come up with something, and you can email me. OR message me if you still have questions, I would be more then happy to help you😉

      1. Fantastic! I will keep my eye open on the group. Thank you so much!

  17. I’ve read the last two issues of ‘Little Looms’ and loved them. I really enjoy working with ‘pin looms. Your afghan is really inspirational. I’m not sure if I’m up to making a full sized afghan, but smaller projects are doable.

    1. I love the pin loom because it is small and portable and very versatile. Even though it is small, you can make large projects (the Indian Blanket Flower Afghan). It’s so easy to take wherever you go and work on when you are sitting and waiting. It also is a good loom to use if you have lots of leftover yarn, with small yardage, from other projects.

  18. I love pin looms because they are so portable and come in so many shapes and sizes. It’s possible to make anything from a coaster to a blanket, and many things in between with a pin loom. Congratulations, Gabi, on a beautiful blanket and taking the cover of this super magazine!!

  19. I love pinloom weaving! Starting with a Zoom Loom, now having pinlooms in all sizes and shapes, including 2 turtle looms and even a 7′ triangle loom for large shawls. I love it all! Thank you for all your inspiration.

  20. This giveaway is now closed.
    The winners have been notified, an announcement will be made later today.
    Thank you to all who participated, WEAVE ON!

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