A Window Garden and A Bracelet

20200605_102121_resizedIf you were one of the first 20 weavers to get a PennyTURTLE™, you received this strange mystery package …

202006-GretaH-WindowFlowers-2eNow you are instantly ready to grow your hexagon flower window garden!

Fellow pin loom weaver and designer Greta Holmstrom came up with the idea to craft beautiful little flowers and decoratively display those on a window. She now offers her  Window Garden with PennyTURTLE Hexagon Flowers  pattern free of charge to celebrate the PennyTURTLE launch!

A note: The window air holders mentioned in the pattern are sold out, but Greta found some alternative suppliers on Etsy, for example AirPlantGalaxy and BlackRiverAirPlantCo. Neither Greta nor I are in any way associated with or do endorse any of these sellers.


If your window garden doesn’t keep you busy already, here is a perfect “first project” for the PennyTURTLE … make a bracelet! Greta again provides the “how-to” instructions for those bracelets here in her project PennyTURTLE Hexagon Bracelet.

Can you resist?

A big shout out and thank you to Greta, who I think has not stopped using the PennyTURTLE since she first got it. WEAVE ON!

Patterns and photos (all but the mystery package) are courtesy of and (C) 2020 Greta Holmstrom



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