Welcome, PennyTURTLE™!

This tiny loom has become the most popular pre-release loom in the TURTLE family …

20200530_174758_resizedTest weavers and early customers have been raving about how cute the hexagons are that you can weave on the PennyTURTLE™. This loom is the same size as the BabyTURTLE™, 1″ side-to-side, but the pin spacing is “F”- fine-sett.

All you need is 1 yard of sock/fingering weight yarn for each hexagon, a great way to use up leftovers from your sock or shawl knitting.

20200530_PT-AllGet your PennyTURTLE loom kit here! (Don’t worry if they are sold out, just sign up to be notified, we will have more.)
Update: All Mystery Treats have been claimed, but it will still be fun to check out what it is all about later this week, here on the blog! All are invited. PREVIOUS NOTE! The first 20 PennyTURTLE orders will have a little mystery shipped with their loom … the mystery will be revealed later this week!

20200530_BT-AllWe are also re-releasing our BabyTURTLE Loom, now a true “Gen 2” loom with headless pins and yardage/wraps information imprinted on the back.

Both loom kits come with our new Quick Start Guide, a pocket size version of our instructions booklet, with the essential weaving steps in pictures and words. For those who already own other TURTLE looms, this will come in handy if you haven’t woven hexagons recently and need a quick “how-to” refresher. If you  would like more detailed instructions, you can now get the TURTLE instructions booklet both in digital and in print from our Etsy shop.

20200531-PennyOnPinterestNeed ideas on what to make with those tiny hexagons? Well, as they say, your imagination is the limit. Maybe you want to start with a simple bracelet or a key chain or a coaster. And you can find inspiration for projects of all sizes on our new Pinterest board for Hexagon Penny Patterns, from the littlest flower … to a 4,587 hexagon penny quilt.

Or, make a Diary Cover, like our daughter Edith did! The size is easily adjustable (the sample is about 10″ x 3″, made of Scheepjes Catona).


Happy mini hexagon weaving, all y’all!

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