Junikäfer (Ladybug) Blanket

20200406_171630 (2)Ladybugs are a timeless, year round design, but since the German nick name is Junikäfer (meaning June bug, pronounce similar to “you-knee-k-fur”), we wanted to make it a point to release the pattern this month.

Do you like ladybugs? Do you know of a new little person entering this world, soon? Here is a perfectly sized, extremely hug-gable newborn blanket or car seat cover that is a lot of fun to make.

20200626_125716_resizedFor the sample, we used a beautiful, super soft organic yarn blend, Berroco Vibe (45% Organic Cotton, 45% Organic Wool, 10% Nylon), in colors 1555 Poppy, 1563 Sailor (discontinued, but still readily available), and 1501 Salt. Please make sure that the recipient understands that this yarn is not machine washable. The hexagons are woven on the Original TURTLE Loom™, regular, with pin spacing for worsted weight yarn.

20200626_131449_resizedYou could also make a perfect, cooling summer version of this blanket, using Scheepjes Catona in 390 Poppy Rose, 110 Jet Black, and 106 Snow White, and weave on the original TURTLE Loom, fine-sett. Easy care, too!

20200626_132516_resized (2)Consider Paintbox Simply Aran in 213 Rose Red, 201 Pure Black, and 200 Paper White for a very affordable, machine washable version. A great yarn that weaves up quickly and beautifully on the Original TURTLE Loom.

Consult the following chart to find out how much yarn you will need, and how many hexagons to weave:

Color # of hexagons to weave Yardage needed, regular pin spacing (worsted weight yarn) Yardage needed, fine-sett pin spacing (sock/fingering weight yarn)
Red 69 414 yds (plus small amount for crocheting the edging) 532 yds (plus small amount for crocheting the edging)
Black/dark 27 162 yds (plus small amount for crocheting the edging) 208 yds (plus small amount for crocheting the edging)
white 2 12 yds 16 yds

To assemble the blanket, lay out and sew the hexagons together according to the chart. Suggestion: Sew hexagons to hexagons to form rows first, then sew the rows together.


20200626_124019_resized (2)Finish with one row of single crochet as follows:

  • Starting at the bottom right wing, join with red. Crochet evenly along the edge of the wing, working 2 sc into each corner and working sc2tog where hexagons meet.
  • Switch to black/dark where the head starts and use the dark color to crochet around the front end.
  • Switch to red for the next wing, and finish in dark for the bug’s rear end. Join with a slip stitch to the beginning of the round.

Sew in remaining tails. Block as desired.

The finished blanket will measure approximately 32″ x 40″.

20190713_130901_resizedPS: For any ladybug lover “young at heart” … use the same pattern, but weave on the TexaTURTLE™ loom to work a nice lap size throw!

Bonnie and CooperA special mention of fellow pin loom weaver Bonnie L. Visser (and Cooper), for once again helping with weaving (all the red) hexagons for this blanket. Thank you, Bonnie!


20200626_123925_resized (2)

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      1. I look at it this way Gabi….. I get to help you, plus I get to weave with different types of yarn that I’m sure I never would of used before.

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