Raffia Danish Medallions Ornaments

It is showtime for the TURTLE Elongon 2″ R in this issue, with Edith’s adorable Foxy Birch Blanket in one of her favorite yarns, Blue Sky Fiber Woolstok, and my Painted Pillow, in one of my favorite “doodle” yarns Noro Kureyon.

And there is so much more (including my article about joining pin loom squares, may the TURTLEs forgive me)! Get the printed copy right here, or check out the digital or subscription offers directly from Long Thread Media.

But because this is a “holiday” issue, we also decided to treat you to a free project, as it was announced in our advertisement: The Raffia Danish Medallions Ornaments are an interesting way to explore a classic hand-manipulated weaving method that looks great on both sides.

Universal Yarn’s Yashi raffia is the perfect fiber for the ornaments, because it creates an instant stiffened fabric that stays flat without further treatment.

The ornaments are designed so that once you take them off the loom, they are (almost) ready to go onto the tree.

Get your Original TURTLE Loom “R”, then download the pattern and have a wonderful time!

4 thoughts on “Raffia Danish Medallions Ornaments

    1. Lol! I’m sorry … NOT sorry! But “enter at your own risk” … these are addictive to make. Will make great gifts for friends and family, though.

  1. I recently bought this loom. Is it possible for me to download the instructions without ordering another loom? I’ve ordered the raffia and am eagerly anticipating making these ornaments but I need the instructions. 🧐

    1. Hello Linda,
      How exciting to hear about your plans to make the ornaments!
      All loom kits ship with printed instructions. If you would like digital instructions, you can find them in our Etsy store at bluebonnetcrafters.com (https://www.etsy.com/listing/715145534/)
      You can also watch the instructional videos on our YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIuwjrWtL3wvepsQVK4sTRw).
      For a question that is specific to the order that you placed, please email turtle@turtleloom.com
      Hope this helps!

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