Weaving Triangles on the Jewel Loom

The Jewel loom is so full of potential, it is hard to keep up with writing about it … consider this an “emergency” post, to help out some desperate fellow weavers in need, and to inspire others!

As previously mentioned, the jewel shape can be seen as a regular hexagon, with an equilateral triangle attached to it. An equilateral triangle is a triangle where all sides have the same length.

What if you just want that triangle piece, or that piece of the jewel in a separate, solid color? The answer is easy: Use a weaving needle as “bar” across the loom, then use a normal continuous strand weaving methods for triangles for the weaving. If you need some help with that, you can take a look at “Weaving a Triangle on a Square Loom” which follows the same idea.

Put the “bar” across the pins with the circles for a small triangle that will match in length the short sides of the Jewel loom.

Put the “bar” across the pins with the lines for a larger triangle that will match in length the long sides of the Jewel loom.

These two positions are a match to the jewels woven on that loom, but you can really place the bar anywhere you want for other projects.

What to do with those triangles? Well, the small triangle gives you the tip of a jewel shape in a different color.

Quickly join the pieces together, using the mattress stitch.

But you can use those triangles also on their own … six triangles make a hexagon!

You will also see in future projects how you can use the large triangle as a “filler” in certain designs.

If you have any questions about weaving triangles on the Jewel loom, please contact us!

Happy triangle weaving!

6 thoughts on “Weaving Triangles on the Jewel Loom

  1. I love my Jewel loom – so fun to weave on and now I love it even more! Thank you Gabi! Gotta try a triangle now!
    Hoping after the fine sett you’ll make a small Jewel too, please?

    1. Lol! There are probably not enough days left in 2022 to make a Jewel loom in a different size … but then there will be 2023 …

      Thank you for your kind comment, and l hope you’ll show us your triangles! But watch out … there are soo many possibilities, “just” with those triangles …

      1. I agree….I don’t know how you would decide where it ends! I love my Jewel and have made a scarf already. I can’t stop weaving on my Turtles! They are taking over my fiber life!

  2. WOW…. Weaving Triangles on the Jewel Loom is totally awesome and I definitely will be try this, and I can just imagine how many more possibilities us weavers will have❣️

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