Travel Turtle ’22 – Announcing the June Host

Kathryn Olson from North Pole, Alaska,
will be our host for the month of June!

Charlene fainted almost instantly on the news that TT22 will go to (the) North Pole. We will introduce Kathryn as soon as Charlene has recovered …

Before she fainted, Charlene asked me to quickly make a scarf for TT22, out of her favorite alpaca yarn from Winterstrom Ranch.

And it should be like the lozenges scarf that Cocoa Bear had in the Little Looms magazine!

Her biggest concern however is that she thinks that there can be only white yarn in Alaska … and that it is all frozen … and that TT22 will get frozen pins!

I tried to convince her otherwise, but … I think she just wanted to faint …

A scarf for TT22 (great for dolls and bears, too!)

One thought on “Travel Turtle ’22 – Announcing the June Host

  1. Charlene, TT22 is arriving in June, when the weather is beautiful. I have been to North Pole Alaska and there is lot’s to see and do. I hope TT22 gets to visit Santa’s workshop and see all the great Christmas things they have. There is a great little restaurant inside that has tasty Coffee and delightful sweets! The only thing TT22 will need in Alaska in the summertime is mosquito repellent. Otherwise Alaska is a great place to visit!

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