2022 Travel Turtle Adventure

Let’s work on some fun, good times for 2022! We made a one-of-a-kind TinyTURTLE that we will send on its way to travel across the United States this year. And you can become part of the adventure! Here’s how …

The Plan

  • Every month, the Travel Turtle 2022 will visit a new pin loom weaver.
  • The “Travel Turtle host” will be determined via a random drawing every month.
  • The “Travel Turtle host” will at least weave one hexagon (but make as many as you want), post at least one picture during that month (but post as many as you want), autograph the travel host page in the instructions booklet, and then send the Travel Turtle off to it’s next destination.

How It Works

  • Each end of the month we will hold a signup here on the blog to enter to win to be the next host.
  • You do not have to be a TURTLE customer, and you can be new to pin loom weaving, as long as you are willing to learn (we’ll help!)
  • The loom is not for keeping … the loom will travel all year and (hopefully) come back to Texas in the end. If you’re a host, we’d like to ask that in the interest of all you’ll do your very best to take good care of the Travel Turtle. If something happens (lost, stolen, damaged) you are not held responsible, though. We’ll work on our end to keep the adventure going, if possible.
  • The first year’s adventure is limited to hosts in the United States … we’ll see if we can manage international shipping time in the future.
  • TT22 will visit a state more than once! If you live in a state that TT22 has already visited, NO PROBLEM!
  • The Travel Turtle 2022 kit includes a unique TinyTURTLE “R” for worsted weight yarn, a locker hook weaving tool, and an instructions booklet. The new TURTLE mascot Charlene that’s in the picture (from our Little Looms Spring 2022 ad) will not travel along … she will be busy telling her own story later this month.
  • Paying for shipping to the next host … if you wish to help with that, fine. But we’ve set a budget aside to pay for it, so no worries … you can participate as a host either way.
  • Yarn … any worsted weight yarn is fine. If you don’t have any, we’ll work it out when your name is drawn.
  • Sharing on social media … Yes, please! I suggest hashtag #travelturtleloom2022 to make it easy for others to follow the adventure. Positive, on topic vibes only, please … if you have any problems or concerns, please contact us directly.
  • We will moderate the travel adventure through the turtleloom blog (I suggest that you sign up to be notified about new blog posts).
  • Our travel map shows where TT22 has been. As the host, please send in a hexagon, woven on TT22. Please note that throughout the year it is ok to have more than one host in the same state.

This is indeed an adventure, but I hope that it will be fun for many, and that you will all enjoy following the journey. Since this is the first time we’re doing this, please ask any questions that you may have, and I’ll update the information on this blog if needed.

Ready, Set, Enter for January!

If you would like to be the first host for the month of January, leave a comment on this blog, indicating that you are interested in becoming the January host for Travel Turtle. Enter before Tuesday, 01/04/2022 6pm US CT. We’ll use random.org to determine the winner. I’ll contact the winner, and when everything is set, the first journey will be announced here on the blog.

46 thoughts on “2022 Travel Turtle Adventure

      1. I’m confused… the blog post says sign up by the 20th of each month – which is the most accurate? Thanks! (I’d love to host and add a turtle loom to my little looms video roundup!)

      2. Oh, Autumn, my English teacher, Frau Riepe, always had a saying “Prepositions, prepositions, prepositions!” and I apologize for the confusion. I plan to post the signup blog post for the next month on the 20tiest, and that post will have all the details for that drawing. All you need to do right now is watch out for that post. It’s easy if you sign up to be automatically notified for new blog entries. Thank you for reaching out!

  1. This sounds like a lot of fun and such a great idea. I’ll have to read about all the adventures as I live International. Looking forward to it!

  2. This sounds like so much fun! I haven’t used a hex loom yet and this is a great way to give it a try!

  3. What a clever and thoughtful idea! Would love to participate! Any plans for the completed hexagons?

    1. Good question regarding the completed hexagons! For 2022, the projects will be whatever the host would like to make. I’ll assist with ideas as needed.

  4. Gabi, genius! We all need something to look forward to this year, so offering this fun adventure is a good start. I’d love to be a host!

  5. This sounds like soo much fun – and a great way to meet all of your fans, Gabi! Thanks for even thinking of this 2022 project!

  6. Every shelled reptile deserves love and attention. I would love to be a month long host mom to a turtle.

  7. Thank you, all! The January sign-up is now closed.
    Mr. Random will determine the winner tonight, and after I chat with the January host, I’ll post the results.

    1. I saw that you signed up to be notified about new blog posts, that means you’re good for upcoming sign-ups!

    1. Yes, Hawaii is included. I hope that you will sign up in the months to come for a chance to be selected! (Travel Turtle likes Kona coffee …)

  8. I’ll definitely be signing up for the months ahead since I missed the deadline for January. This sounds like so much fun!

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