TT22 is Going to Maryland!

Reeves “Deetzie” Walker in Maryland
will be our TT22 host for August.

Meet Deetzie, a retired Latin teacher who now works part time at the Black Sheep Yarn shop where she teaches rigid heddle loom classes.

When she is not at the store, she loves to spend quality time with her husband, her three daughters, her grandchildren, and her two dogs.

In addition to weaving, she likes to knit (like this adorable balloon elephant), crochet, and garden. The latter she jokingly refers to as an “euphemism for weeding”!

Deetzie got her first TURTLE loom in 2020 and has made several beautiful projects since then, like this turtle in its nest, or the Elongon scarf below.

She does not know yet what she’s going to make when TT22 arrives, but she’s definitely ready to have a great time!

You can follow Deetzie and TT22’s adventures this month on Ravelry, where Deetzie is known as FactaeManu. Very fittingly for a fiber loving Latin teacher, this Latin phrase means “Made by hand”!

Meanwhile … Charlene enjoyed reading the comments of the host applicants. She loves the story of the turtle rescue, and she got the band aids out to “tape up Pam’s finger, so that it heals faster”.

All this said, we hope to see you all again when we are looking for the next host!

(Photo credits: Photos 1 – 4 by Reeves Walker. Used with permission. All rights reserved.)

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  1. TT22 arrived in Maryland today with a sweet postcard from Beth and I’ve started a TT22 project on Ravelry…and for her visit with me I have nicknamed her Skipperdee after the turtle in the book Eloise! Looking forward to some adventures with her…

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