TT22 is Going to New Mexico!

Sarah Matula in New Mexico
will be our TT22 host for September.

Sarah lives with her husband, 3 horses, 13 llamas, 3 rescued alpacas, 19 chickens, 2 turkeys, 2 dogs, and a cat on a farm in New Mexico. Yin Yang (pictured) keeps an eye on the farm, while Sarah manages a Legal publishing team across Australia, NZ and Philippines.

In her free time Sarah enjoys hiking with llamas, shearing, spinning, weaving, knitting, crocheting, looking at patterns, and collecting yarn.

Sarah weaves on anything from pin loom to floor loom. Here is her latest project on her 3 ft tri loom.

I asked her what she has made so far with pin looms, and while she states that “joining is my Achilles heel” she recently did make this beautiful star pillow, inspired by TT22 April host Debbie’s weave along.

While TT22 is en route, Sarah is doing some “warming up” weaving, exploring 3-1 twill. It looks like it will be an interesting month!

You can follow TT22’s stay at Sarah’s (and possibly more travel) on Facebook at the Misfit Farm. Sarah’s very photogenic dog Heidi (on Instagram) volunteers to add some reporting contributions as well.

(Photo credits: Photos 1-4 by Sarah Matula. Used with permission. All rights reserved.)

Charlene is hard at work to prepare a passport for TT22 … “just in case”!

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