Welcome Little Looms Summer 2023

By now we have to say that “as usual” the new Easy Weaving with Little Looms Summer 2023 issue is filled with top quality project ideas and informative articles. It is my honor to have contributed two projects, the Queen Bee Table Topper and the Lemon Drop Kitchen Towel.

Working with small hexagons opens the doors to play with colors and create artful drawing-like designs, almost like in ancient mosaics. The Queen Bee Table Topper features a bee on a honeycomb background, all in natural hexagon shapes. Weaving the hexagons on the PennyTURTLE™ loom is relaxing and fun. The tried and tested Scheepjes Catona cotton yarn provides the perfect colors and fabric character for the project.

Inspired by Vintage fabric patterns, the Lemon Drop Kitchen Towel features an “all over” display of lemons with leaves.

The pattern consists of regular hexagons and half hexagons that are all woven on the Original TURTLE Loom™ R – Regular sett using Universal Yarn’s Clean Cotton, a soft and squishy, 100% reclaimed cotton yarn. Our article “Six Ways to Make Half Hexagons” will help with making the half hexagons.

The pattern repeat invites to adjust the size of the towel if desired, and you can even make just one lemon with its leaf and a border for a nice hot pad or dish cloth. The Lemon Drop kitchen towel can also be worked on the Original TURTLE Loom F-fine sett, using a thinner cotton yarn … like the Scheepjes Catona!

Stay tuned for one more story that we will share with you in just a few days: We will launch a rewards program where our customers can earn an honorary Weaving Buddy badge for completing TURTLE projects! More information will become available here on the blog … sign up to be notified about new blog posts (in the right column) so that you don’t miss it!

For your convenience, we offer the printed edition of Little Looms Summer 2023 in our Etsy shop. The publisher Long Thread Media offers a digital copy, and we can highly recommend a subscription.

6 thoughts on “Welcome Little Looms Summer 2023

  1. Hi Gabi, I received my summer edition of the magazine yesterday in the mailbox!!! More awesome projects to be enticed by!!! But I haven’t finished my spring heart shaped lap blanket yet😕. Plus, my husband, while watching me weaving the blanket hexagons, asked for a stuffed animal, so I got to work on that right away! I’m almost done with the sloth pattern. Then, do I finish the blanket or make one of the summer projects?🤷‍♀️

    1. Oh, I understand the conflict, Lynne, thank you for sharing your story of a busy schedule! I understand the misery, and I also know that I’m the wrong person to ask for advice on this … I worked on five different projects yesterday (literally), enjoyed every single minute of it, and made no noticeable progress on any one of them … not sure if I can recommend this!
      I know you are a determined weaver, so I think you will be able to make it to the finish line on those two current project quickly. Then … let the summer begin! (ok … gathering and sampling yarn is ok … and I will not provide a definition for what I mean by “sampling”, lol!)
      I’m looking forward to seeing your sloth and the heart blanket … happy weaving!

      1. Dear Gabi, when I read “gathering and sampling yarn is OK” I took it and ran!!! I’m between making the three Original turtle loom hexagons for the sloth’s head. So I took a break, and tried out a new yarn I just received in the mail. What a dream fiber! I wove one hexagon with it, it glides so smoothly, packs effortlessly, and makes a soft, full hexagon. It is Lion Brand “Horseshoe” color of Landscapes breeze. It’s part of 7 pack of mini skeins. Now what do I do?

      2. Well (tease), that means that you’re doomed … but I think you already know that. I didn’t know that Landscapes comes in minis … please excuse me now …

  2. I want to include a photo of the temptation, but I’m getting frustrated! I guess email it?

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