Earn Your Weaving Buddy Badge!

To celebrate our 6th anniversary we decided that it is time to start honoring customers who are making pretty and practical projects with their TURTLE looms. TURTLE weavers who have turned at least 100 hexagons and/or jewels into finished projects can contact us and request their Weaving Buddy badge!

Read on to see how to be eligible:

  • You have woven at least 100 hexagons and/or jewels and turned them into a finished project. This could be a single project, for example a garment or a blanket, or multiple projects that add up to at least 100 hexagons/jewels.
  • Your count may include regular and elongated hexagons of any size as well as jewels.
  • Make any project(s) you want. Use any pattern or your imagination. Use any yarn you wish.
  • Contact us when you are ready and we will discuss the details. We will ask you to send us photos that we can add to the Weaving Buddy Wall here on this site and a little info about which looms and yarns you used.
  • We will ask for your permission to post your project picture(s) here on this website on the Weaving Buddy Wall (we will set that up when we receive the first submissions).
  • Upon acceptance, we will send you a Weaving Buddy pin that we have made just for this purpose and a certificate that confirms your accomplishment.
  • We have a little over 400 badges to grant. There is no time limit … we will grant the badges until we run out.
  • We also have a small number of “honorary” badges to give to people who are dedicated TURTLE fans and deserve recognition just for that. For example, my husband will probably never weave and assemble 100 hexagons, but he got the very first badge because he patiently endures me and all the looms! If you know of a person who you think deserves an honorary badge, please contact us with your suggestion!

The certificate will mention your name and the unique badge number.

The badge is an antique die struck pin, measuring about 1 1/4″ point-to-point, with a magnetic back (it will ship with two magnets to help it hold better).

We are probably as excited about this program as you are, but that doesn’t mean that it will be perfect from the beginning! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or contact us.

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The badge is not for sale.

7 thoughts on “Earn Your Weaving Buddy Badge!

  1. Dear Gabi, I think that the promise of a Weaving Buddy pin will be the spark to push me to finish all my Turtle hexagon WIPs. I’m pretty sure that the total count of the hexagons would approach 100 !!!

  2. Hi Gabi, I thought I saw somewhere five items or less totaling 100 hexagons. Can I use 3 of the same item (bears) and two other items?

    1. Yes, you absolutely can! I removed the “5 project” goal, since I’ve been convinced today that there are several people making a lot of smaller, most adorable projects. I’m hoping you’ll enter the bears, but any other projects will be very welcome, too.

  3. My first pin loom is arriving today and I hope I can earn this badge before it runs out. LOL I ordered the XF Set. I am really excited to get started. Love the Weave As You Go videos.

    1. Great! And don’t worry … there are plenty of badges, and if we run out … we know how to get more. Happy weaving!

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