Diamonds are for Weaving

Let’s welcome the Original Diamond, F, pin loom to the TURTLE loom collection!

The Original Diamond pin loom, F, creates a diamond or rhombus shape with a wide angle (60°) that in crafting is often referred to as “tumbling block”. The loom sides measure slightly over 2″, designed to work perfectly together with any other “Original” TURTLE looms.

Did you know, that it takes three diamonds to make a hexagon?

While jewel shapes go very well with hexagons and certain triangles … occasionally the new diamonds will come in handy to fill some gaps.

And then, designer Greta Holmstrom, who had been one of our test weavers for that loom, surprised recently with the news that one of her project designs using diamonds had been accepted to the Little Looms Fall 2023 magazine!

Congratulations, Greta, on your beautiful Star Shawl!

If you are looking for more inspiration, I started a Pinterest board “Diamond and Tumbling Block Ideas” with some suggestions on how to use tumbling blocks.

The new Original Diamond, F is now available in our Etsy store.

Please contact us if you have any questions!


Q: Is the Original Diamond, F the 2″ diamond loom that the instructions for Greta’s shawl asks for?
A: Yes, it is. All “Original” TURTLE looms have a side-length of just slightly over 2″. The new Original Diamond, F is designed to work perfectly with all other “Original” TURTLE looms.

Q: Can I use the Original Diamond looms for any other designs that ask for a 2″ tumbling block?
A: Yes. Both, the bias weaving method and the yarn that you will use, will impact the final size of your woven diamond, enough to adjust for a good fit within your 2″ project.

Q: Is there a diamond loom for the regular sett?
A: Yes, there is an Original Diamond, R. It will start shipping by July 1st.

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  1. Help! I just got my diamond R loom and I think I wove incorrectly. I followed your instructions, but I think I’m off one row. Is there a video? Thanks

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