“Made a chicken tonight! What fun …”

Our customer Marian Parkes recently posted a project on the Pin Loom Weaving Support Facebook group that made many chuckle. Marian had turned a woven hexagon into a beautiful little chicken and named it Lucy, after Lucille Ball.

In less than 10 minutes after posting, Lucy started to collect “thumbs up” and “hearts” and “wows” and comments like “So cute!” … “Adorable!”


We decided that this project is too precious to get lost on Facebook, so we asked Marian if she would grant permission that we post it here on our blog. She agreed.

Marian was inspired by a chicken that was made of a square, woven on a potholder loom. Having the TURTLE Loom™ at hand, the transition was … a piece of chicken.

If you would like to make your own chicken, here are Marian’s instructions:

“Take a hexagon made on the Turtle loom, (1) fold it in half. I used a chunky yarn so I didn’t use all of the side pegs. With the long tail yarn start sewing up the sides. (2) When you get to the middle of the bottom, run the needle up to the middle of the top and back catching one strand of the woven part. Come back down to the bottom again and continue sewing up to halfway up one end side. (3) Then stuff it with some batting or a torn up cotton ball or two. (4) Continue sewing up the side. (5) sew up the other end. Thread that yarn up through the body and into the stuffing. Poke it out of the side and pull it a bit and cut it off flush and then pull that end back into the stuffing. (6) Make your tail “feather” loops out of the remaining yarn at that end and the comb out of whatever yarn you want. I made the beak by using a French knot that I made by looping the yarn around the needle four times instead of two. Also I made the eyes the same way using some doubled over black upholstery thread. When I was sewing the corners at the bottom, I tried to round the corners off a bit by tucking in the edges and sewing just inside. That’s pretty much it.

And – Marian even provided schematics:


Marian made Lucy on the TURTLE Loom™, but you could also make a bigger one on the TexaTURTLE™. And maybe some yellow little ones on the TinyTURTLE™???

If you enjoyed Lucy’s story, please visit Marian on Facebook and give her a round of applause!

Photos and instructions © Marian Parkes 2017. All rights reserved.

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