Helping Texas Harvey Flood Victims

Several people have asked, since we live in Texas and rather close to the encounters of hurricane Harvey, how they can help.

Almost anything helps, is the short answer.

I do want to name a few organizations that I have experienced first-hand two years ago, when our area was hit with unprecedented flash flooding during the Memorial Day weekend in 2015. The outpouring help at that time was overwhelming, and there were helping organizations everywhere.

One that caught my eye immediately were the H-E-B Mobile Kitchens and Disaster Relief Units. You all know the saying “chicken soup for the soul”. Well, a meal from HEB is exactly that to a Texan.  So, if you live in Texas, go get your groceries at HEB, Central Market, or Joe V’s Smart Shop, so that they can continue to help in that way, and please use their tear pad campaign that they are running right now to just give a few extra dollars which HEB will pass on to other reputable help organizations. H-E-B Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Update 9/3/2017: You “Can’t spell Texas without H-E-B” … How HEB Tackles Harvey

I also remember the many, many volunteers who came in 2015 to help with debris removal, shoveling mud out of homes for weeks, and cutting and replacing dry wall after dry wall to prevent mold, restoring homes to being inhabitable again. A lot of good was done by many organizations. Our neighborhood received a lot of help from “Texas Baptist Men”. Let it be said that those people did help anybody, not just people of Baptist belief. And most noticeably they stayed for weeks, even after the media hype had calmed down, and they worked until the very last house was fixed. They are at it again in Harvey effected areas. If you wish to support their efforts which I know will make a huge difference to many people, you can reach them at Texas Baptist Men.

Thirdly, some people find it boring to “just give to the Red Cross”. However, the Red Cross is an organizational powerhouse that knows where to help, how to help, and how to get the means to get the job done. Do not hesitate to give to them at Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts 

One more thing: Put a little sticker of any sort on the first day of each month on your calendar until the end of this year. I know there is something bad happening every day in this world, and aid is needed at any time somewhere. However, I’ve also seen that the aftermath of a flooding will take a long time. Right now, flood victims don’t need kitchen appliances like toasters and coffee makers, because they don’t have homes to put them in and no electricity to run them. In a few months they hopefully will. Take a few minutes in a month, two, or three and see how you can then help those Harvey victims when they are restoring or starting over their lives.

Thank you for your willingness to help, to pray, and to give hope to those in need.

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