“I will teach loom today”

A few months ago we worked with Dyan from Indonesia, on getting TURTLE Loom™ kits ready for the seminary where and her husband Tim serve. Dyan wants to teach teenage students how to weave hexagons, so that they can create items for their own daily needs as well as items to sell.

Dyan also translated the weaving instructions into her native language, and we printed a special edition. Here is a video clip where Dyan reads the introduction of the newly printed instructions  booklet during our teach-the-teacher meeting …


Just a few weeks later Dyan surprised us with one of her practice projects … she had completed her version of the “Sheep” Baby Blanket!

P_20170625_170030 (2)


In August, Dyan and her family traveled back to Indonesia. Dyan didn’t hesitate to apply her new teaching skills, and earlier this week we received her message titled “I will teach loom today”.

We didn’t dare asking for a picture, but she read our minds … last night we received these:

IMG-20170830-WA0014 (2)
Dyan teaching TURTLE Loom weaving at the seminary in Indonesia.
P_20170831_155610 (2)
Dyan: “We had boys and girls who learned to weave.”
Dyan: “The boys had interesting ideas that I even did not know how they did that.”

Congratulations, Dyan, on your first class taught well! It is very humbling to see, and we thank Dyan for her permission to share this.

The next thing to do now is to get them MORE YARN before they run out …

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