Ready-Set-Go! Christmas Crafting with Carolien

While the first holiday advertisements are popping up, Carolien is already crafting at full capacity. Carolien was our first international customer when we launched, and now she gave us permission to talk about her Christmas weaving project.


What better holiday items are there to make than ornaments! “Start now and make many” is Carolien’s motto.

Carolien is using the TinyTURTLE™ hexagon pin loom for her ornaments, and the photos that she provides for sharing show how adorable the results are!

Here are her tips:

For her ornaments, Carolien likes “sparkly” yarns: She is using I Love This Yarn METALLIC in color 738 Christmas, as well as some solid colors, shown here is the color 736 Red.

Carolien turns the beginning yarn end of each hexagon into a hanger by tying a loop. That way she only needs to weave in one end.

While the ornaments are already pretty flat when they come off the loom, Carolien is using spray starch to stiffen them a little bit: She suggests to treat the back of each ornament twice. Remember to always try this out on a sample, since spray starch products (and yarns) may vary.

Thank you, Carolien, for sharing your project!

If you want to make your own ornaments, here are 10 ideas:

  • Use any yarn of your liking. Worsted weight yarn works best, but you can also use 2 strands of thinner yarn. Maybe try some novelty yarn, utilize scraps, or use that precious hand spun, …
  • Make enough hexagons to decorate your whole Christmas tree!
  • Make sets of 4 -6 ornaments for a pretty hostess gift, all in the same color, or in a variety of colors that complement each other.
  • Start a tradition! Make one kind of ornament every year, and give one ornament to each family member and friends.
  • Make your own Christmas cards and attach one or two ornaments to the front with double-sided tape, so that the recipient can easily remove and reuse the ornaments.
  • Make one hexagon ornament to recognize everyone in your craft group or for your colleagues.
  • Make larger ornaments on the original TURTLE Loom™. You can also mix and match larger and smaller ornaments for a fun medley effect.
  • Embellish your wrapped presents with a pretty hexagon ornament.
  • If you knit or crochet gifts for the holidays, use the leftover yarn to make two “memory” ornaments: one for you to keep to remember the projects that you made, and you can use the other one as extra gift tag on the item that you made.
  • You may (but of course should not) procrastinate … ornaments make a excellent “last minute” projects, too.

Send Carolien a cheer on Facebook (Loom Spin) or Ravelry (lientje1)!

And … Happy weaving!


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