Ghosts – Fashionable Ghosts

It’s difficult to resist cute ghosts, and after seeing Vickie Howell’s super cute ghost decoration, I resisted no more.

How about some fashion conscious hexagon ghosts!

Here’s how to do it:

  • Weave up some hexagons, any size, using worsted to heavy worsted weight yarn. I used some vintage Caron Sayelle acrylics … perfect.
  • Leave the ghosts “flat” or turn two hexagons – slightly stuffed – into a hexipuff ghost.
  • Put on faces with black Tulip Slick paint.
  • And the fashion statement: Add some fringes or tassels!

You’re now in business to decorate a window, or have a ghostly family reunion on a shrub or tree.

This is a fun activity for all ages, and those who want the extra challenge … try different fringes, different tassels, and maybe even some macramé!

Regular yarn is not the most perfect material for macramé, but if you have never done macramé before and just want to try it out, these ghosts are a low risk project to do so. I found a perfect video by Hallmark on YouTube that teaches three basic macramé knots in five minutes:

Try it out! Look at the “Fashion Queen” to see some details. All three knot types are done twice, to either side. In the middle are some simple string knots.

Fashion Queen

Make more, if you like it, less, if you don’t.

Most of all: Enjoy crafting!


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