Baby’s First Thanksgiving

I get the notion of “Baby’s First Christmas”. However, the first Thanksgiving of each of our children has a very special place in my heart, as this was the first time for many of our relatives to meet our new additions.

Thanksgiving at Aunt Karla’s home: 40+ people at any given time in a midsize family home, everything’s buzzing. People are coming and going, chatting, laughing, watching TV, good food everywhere, and  .. What a welcome to new babies! Best of all, time “off duty” for mom, since everybody wants to hold the baby.

There’s still time to make a baby welcome turkey for the new arrival in your family! Make a little stuffed toy turkey for baby, and maybe a larger sized turkey as a pillow for mom. These turkeys work up quickly, and the Vickie Howell Valley Superwash yarn provides fun color choices and good quality at an affordable price (on sale as of this writing!).

IMG_5995 (2)

The turkeys are Puff Pet™ style, which means you weave hexagons, sew them together, and then stuff them lightly. And you can achieve the half hexagon effect by first sewing two hexagons together in the middle, then folding the halves over before closing them as puffs.

IMG_6003 (2)

For the stuffed toy turkey: The body and the feathers are made of hexagons that are woven on the original TURTLE Loom™. The head is made on the TinyTURTLE™ loom. The face is embroidered to keep it child safe.

IMG_6065 (2)

You can make a larger turkey pillow by using the TexaTURTLE™ Loom to weave the hexagons for the body and the feathers, and the original TURTLE Loom™ for the head. It features wiggle eyes for an additional fun effect.

Use the photos and the information in this blog post as guidance to make your own baby welcome turkeys. If you prefer photo-guided step-by-step instructions, you can find a pattern for the turkeys in our Etsy store.

By the way, the yarn used for the turkeys is the same great yarn that was used to make the Hexagons Blanket!


Happy Thanksgiving, and stay safe!

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