Nuts and Candy Corn …

Recently, elsewhere, I posted a picture of a hat that I just had finished, rather proud of myself and my creation.

Somebody lovingly pointed out that it reminded her of candy corn.

Really?!? I shared my disbelief with my daughter who walked by my office desk at that moment. “She’s right” she replied instantly and walked on.

Oh, both of you! Let me give you candy corn!

So, here you have it. The same yarn as that hat, woven into candy corn pillows.

The smaller candy corn is made of 12 hexagons woven on the original TURTLE Loom™, for both, the front and the back. The large candy corn is an example for how you can combine weaving and sewing: The front is woven of 6 hexagons on the TexaTURTLE™ loom, the back is fabric.

You can find notes about how to make those pillows on our Ravelry project “All Natural Candy Corn Pillows”.


And since this “somebody” person likes to throw things … How about some hexagon acorns?

That idea actually came in handy. A few times people have asked me “What do your paid patterns look like?” Well, our paid patterns are photo-guided step-by-step instructions, with colored charts as applicable, and additional tips and ideas. They are delivered electronically in high quality, portable, printable pdf format.

When I was working on the acorns, I thought that the construction probably needs a little explaining, but not enough for a pattern. Then … why not use this as a sample pattern so that people can see what our patterns typically look like? So, here it is … a free pattern that shows you what our patterns typically look like, and so that you can easily make those acorns …

FREE Hexagon Acorn Weaving Pattern

Enjoy, and happy weaving!


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