Leise Rieselt der Schnee …

One of my favorite German Christmas songs is “Leise rieselt der Schnee”, which translates to “quietly falls the snow”.

The second line reads “Still und starr liegt der See” … “still and calm lies the lake”, and at that point my mind was usually off to a clear, calm, starry night at a lake in a quiet forest.

I’m not an artist, but when I was thinking about “Weave some tinsel”, this scene came to mind, and here’s my humble attempt to turn that vision into a mini wall hanging.

I used the original TURTLE Loom™ for my weaving, but this project can be worked on any pin loom that you may have that creates some woven fabric space to decorate and embroider.

Use the following notes and the photos to guide you when you make your own snowy landscape picture.

The foundation is woven in white, I chose a “shiny” white from Yarn Bee Soft Secret. Work the complete first part of the hexagon weaving method, the bias weave part, in white. This will make white triangles at the top and bottom of the hexagon (the snow) and fill the center of the hexagon with white “warp” threads.

I split weaving the second part in traditional back-and-forth weaving evenly between a light blue at the top and dark blue at the bottom. Don’t worry about the yarn ends, they will be tugged away under the backing later.

Leave the hexagon on the loom for doing the embroidery work. Slide the hexagon up against the nail heads, which will give you optimal embroidery access. Take a few strands of tinsel, thread them through the weaving needle, and – starting in the middle of the hexagon – weave the tinsel in near the first row of the dark blue. Let the ends hang out on both sides, see photos. Repeat this step to create more tinsel rows and vary the length of the woven rows to form the lake shape.

Using a small amount of green yarn held double, weave some large stitches to make the branches of a fir tree. Lastly, either embroider or use sequins to add a few snowflakes to the sky.


Take the hexagon off the loom and lay it – right side facing down – before you. Tie the starting thread into a loop as a hanger. Clip any yarn ends back to about 1” and bend them towards the center of the hexagon. Cut a hexagon shape out of “Peel and Stick” felt and apply the felt to the back of your hexagon. Trim the tinsel if desired.

And yes, your mini wall hanging will look good on the loom and off the loom.

That’s all there is to it. Enjoy!


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