Advent Weave ALong 2017 – Handy Project List

Some people asked for an overview of all the projects from last year’s Advent Weave Along, so here it is. You’ll see all the projects as they were suggested, and you can click on the links next to the photos to see the project instructions.

If you prefer to download this project list as a document click HERE.

There’s more! Several participants added their own twist on the given themes, and you can find those on the “Pin Loom Weaving Support Group” Photo Album for this Weave ALong (you have to be a group member and be logged in to see the album) and the Ravelry discussion board for this Weave Along.

You can find the original information for this WAL HERE.

Happy crafting!

Day Project Link to Instructions
1 01-Purse

Little Purse
2 02-LeiseRieseltDerSchnee

Leise Rieselt der Schnee
3 03-Bell

Carol of the Bells
4 04-Wreath

5 05-SparklyOrnamentSparkly Ornaments
6 06-Heart


Weave two hearts, for example on the small Hazel Rose Sweetheart loom, then sew around the edges, stuff slightly before closing. Use starting/ending thread as hangers.
7 07-GreetingCard

Greeting Card
8 08-Angel

Angel with Lights
9 09-ButtonBanner

Button Banner
10 10-Snowflake

11 11-BabyBear

Baby Bear’s First Christmas
12 12-Fireplace

Fireplace Wall Hanging

“Fireplace behind the tree” wall hanging. Use any yarn (I used 1 cake of Herrschner’s “Holiday Cakes”) and the Original TURTLE Loom™. Use the photo to guide you in laying out the hexagons in the given colors.
13 13-Pickle

Pickle Ornament

Weave one green hexagon on the Original TURTLE Loom™, fold in half, starting tail matching opposite tip. Pull in the top/bottom sides to form tippy ends. Sew along the other sides and stuff. Sew on a few green sequins.
14 14-Star


Weave an original TURTLE Loom™ hexagon using a 6.5 ft rice light chain.
15 15-Reindeer

16 16-Candle


Candle cozies: Weave one original TURTLE Loom™ hexagon. Sew a waste thread along the perimeter of the hexagon. Push “flame” of a LED tea light trough the center of the fabric. Pull the waste thread to close at the bottom, leaving enough of an opening so that you can easily access the on/off switch of the candle.
17 17-Stocking


Weave two hexagons on the TinyTURTLE™ loom. Use the photo to guide you for the assembly: Fold hexagons in half, along the line of the starting thread. Sew along the sides, keeping one end open for the stocking top, pulling in the other end in slightly to form the toe tip. Finish the top with one row of single crochet, using the ends to form the hanger.
18 18-Icicle


This icicle was woven on a 3.5” Hazel Rose diamond pin loom, using “Jelly Yarn” by YummyYarns. Just weave the motif, it will twist all by itself.
19 19-LittleTree

Little Tree
20 20-StoryTelling-HotCocoa

Story Telling “The First Snow”
21 21-CandyCane

Candy Cane
22 22-sweater

23 23-snowman

24 24-Santa


There were also a few extra projects …

Project Link to Instructions

Advent Calendar Tree

Advent Calendar Ornaments

Beaded Hearts (paid pattern)

We wish you a joyous and peaceful holiday season
with lots of time for crafting,
laughter, good company,
happiness, and health.


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