Button Banner

I think most people own at least one jar with buttons. But then, “weaving something with buttons” serves as the perfect excuse to go and buy some of those little button collections that depict a certain scene.

I’ve chosen some forest animal buttons to make a winter scene banner, and I’m using a 6” hexagon as the “stage”.

Here’s how to make it …


  • Light colored yarn to weave the back ground, about 13 yds, I used Amano Warmi, 6001 Wheat
  • Small amount of a contrasting yarn for border and tassel, I used Yarn Bee Soft Secret, 40 Red
  • Buttons of your choice
  • Dowel hanger, I used a size 13 bamboo knitting needle, 10”
  • TexaTURTLE™ loom kit
  • Scissors, tapestry needle


  • Using the light colored yarn, weave one 6” hexagon.
  • Fold over one tip and – with a few stitches – sew it into place. This will serve as the pocket for the dowel. IMG_6608
  • Starting at the left upper corner, using the contrast colored yarn and the crochet hook from the loom kit, join and crochet one row of single crochet along the next four hexagon sides until you reach the right upper corner.
  • Crochet about 40 chain stitches, then join the first stitch with a slip stitch, cut the yarn and pull through. This will be the hanger.
  • Weave in all ends.
  • Layout a button scene. If you want, you can secure the location of the buttons with pins.   IMG_6621
  • Tie the buttons into place, see picture for details.   IMG_6613
  • Wind the contrast colored yarn about 15 times around a book and make a tassel. Tie the tassel to the tip of the banner.  IMG_6617 (2)


And now grab and read Jan Brett’s book “The Mitten”


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