Story Telling Ornament “The First Snow”

It takes only three hexagons IMG_6986 (2) on the original TURTLE Loom™  to make an ornament that provides three “stages”. Combine that with a package of cute buttons IMG_6955 (2) , and you have a great story to tell to your toddler:

The First Snow of the Season

Sophia and Jackson have been waiting for what seems forever for the first snow. Finally, the day is today, and the snow is falling heavily, bright and white, with snowflakes dancing all around and everywhere!

IMG_6997 (2)

But it is cold, too, so they bundle up in their snowsuits, with mittens and hats and scarves, until only their noses peak out.

“What are we going to do first?” asks Jackson. “Let’s build a snowman!” suggests Sophia. “Woof! Woof!” agrees Charlie, and adds another “Woof! Woof!” to tell them that he wants to come, too. “Of course you can come!” says Jackson, and Charlie thanks him with a tail wag. “We should bring this green hat and scarf for the snowman, so that he doesn’t get cold,” says Sophia. “Snowmen like to be cold.” replies Jackson. “I know, of course,” Sophia confirms “but it will look cool, and I’ll get a carrot and make some black paper balls for the face and the buttons, too. Let’s go!”

IMG_7003 (2)

For hours, Sophia, Jackson, and Charlie have fun in the snow. The snowman turned out great and looks very happy with its outfit. But all of the sudden, Charlie has disappeared and cannot be found anywhere.  “Do you think he got lost in the deep snow?” asks Sophia concerned. “I don’t know …” replies Jackson thoughtfully. “Let’s look around, maybe we can see his tail sticking out from the snow.” “There he is!”, Sophia calls out as Charlie jumps out from behind the snowman. “He has taken the snowman’s scarf!” she proclaims. And sure enough, there’s a happy dog with a green scarf prancing through the snow.

“Charlie is right,” notes Jackson. “It’s getting cold. My hands are freezing.” “And my feet are getting cold,” confirms Sophia. “Let’s go inside.”

IMG_6992 (2)

When they open the door to the warm house, a sweet smell greets them from the kitchen. “Hot cocoa! How perfect!” exclaims Sophia. “I hope it comes with marshmallows,” adds Jackson. “And maybe a dog treat for me!” thinks Charlie.

And maybe some chocolate for the story teller …



Be prepared to tell this story more than once!

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