Baby Bear’s First Christmas

Here it is: Something for baby’s first Christmas! And – what is better, more lasting, memory creating, … than a personalized ornament.

I wanted to make a stuffed toy bear at first. Stuffed toys have their important place as something to be played with, but then – ornaments carry a true heirloom character. Here is how we made the baby bear ornament for “Emma”:


  • Original TURTLE Loom™, 4”
  • TinyTURTLE™ loom, 2”
  • Paintbox Simply Aran, Col 209 Soft Fudge, about 16 yards
  • Paintbox Simply Aran, Col 250 Bubblegum Pin, about 6 yards
  • Small amounts of Paintbox Simply Aran, Col 201 Pure Black
  • (1) Animal nose, 18mm
  • (2) Animal eyes, 12mm
  • Small amount of stuffing
  • Scissors, tapestry needle

Note: Instead of the animal nose and eyes, you can use black yarn to embroider those details.



Weave two hexagons on the TinyTURTLE™ loom in brown for the ears.

Weave two hexagons on the original TURTLE Loom™ in brown for the head.

Weave one hexagon on the original TURTLE Loom™ in pink for the bow.

Take one of the larger brown hexagons and make the face, using the two eyes and the nose. Embroider the mouth with black yarn, use the photo as guidance.

Take the other larger brown hexagon and embroider the name or the initials of the baby, and the date of birth.

There are two ways to attach the ears:

  • When sewing the head pieces together, you can “sandwich” the ears in between and sew through all layers at once.
  • You can sew on the ears after you have finished the head.


For the head, sew the two larger brown hexagons – right sides facing – together, along five sides. Turn. Stuff lightly, and close completely.

To make the bow, take the pink hexagon. Weave in the ending yarn end along one side of the hexagon and cut the yarn. Take the starting yarn end, and – holding the opposite corner of the hexagon tight – pull that end and slide the hexagon down to form a bow. Use the yarn end to secure the center of the bow. With the same yarn end, sew the bow to the top of the head.

Use some leftover yarn to make a hanger.

Enjoy the moment and the memory!

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