After we released our 2” and 6” looms in August last year, my children just wanted to keep going with “new sizes”. One of them was … a 1” hexagon loom. My son proudly presented the technical drawing, and my daughter stood right next to him, anticipating her prototype in a jiffy. “That’s ridiculous!” was my very first thought. “What are you going to do with hexagons that small?” While this seemed the end of that idea, I did make a prototype for my daughter (and had to admit that the results looked really cute).

IMG_7197 (2)

During the weeks that followed, events like this happened:

  • I made a teddy bear and needed some child safe eyes … Can I borrow the 1”?
  • I had an idea for a baby mobile with rain drops … Can I borrow the 1”?
  • I needed centers for some hexagon flowers on an applique … Can I borrow the 1”?
  • When I made the emoji projects I thought that they would make great key chains, too … Can I borrow the 1”?

Needless to say that at some point it wasn’t just a prototype any more.



Let’s ring in the New Year with a new addition to our TURTLE looms, on January 1st: The 1” BabyTURTLE™ loom is smaller, but otherwise shares all the traits of its larger relatives: Same quality, same weaving method, and it uses the same yarns.

We offer the BabyTURTLE™ in our store in two versions:


  • “Just the Loom”: If you already have another TURTLE loom, you can reuse the tools and instructions that you already have. The loom will ship in its own little storage bag.
  • The BabyTURTLE™ Loom Kit: The kit includes the loom, the tools, a storage bag, and a printed instructions booklet. This kit makes a great gift set.

Of course we didn’t just want to tell you about the new loom without some project suggestions. Our BabyTURTLE™ test weaver Carolien recommends a bracelet, and I added a key chain, both shown in winter colors. They are made of Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted yarn, which is another yarn that weaves beautifully on all TURTLE looms.


We hope you will agree with us that these are fun, fast to make, and cute.

Best wishes for 2018!

IMG_7218 (2)


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  1. I love the loom! Just ordered mine on 1/ 17 with the Patent Pending sale. One thing that bothers me: autocorrect changed “borrow” (temporarily use something) to “borough” (a neighborhood in New York city) on you.

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