Project: It’s a Scarf! It’s a Cowl!

I love to sample things. Buffets are my favorite place to go out to eat, but even better is yarn sampling.


I couldn’t resist (ok, I didn’t try very hard) when my daughter discovered the BLUE SKY FIBERS “21 Color Slouch” kit and the “21 Color Mitts” kit at my favorite local yarn store, The Knitting Cup in Georgetown, TX.

21 scrumptious colors of 100% Fine Highland Wool, 21 mini hanks of approx. 12 yards each! Heaven just got a little closer. And the worsted weight makes it perfect for weaving on the TURTLE looms.

Each mini hank provides the exact amount of yarn to weave two hexagons on the original TURTLE Loom™. I found it rather entertaining to weave two hexagons,  enjoy working with the yarn in a particular color, and then “choose the next color”. Before long all colors were woven into 42 delightful hexagons.

I decided to make ‘something for around the neck’, as this would be the missing link between the slouch and the mitts that the yarn kits suggested. But I could not make up my mind if it should be a scarf, a scarf with fringes, or a cowl.

Here is a workaround to get it all: Using lobster clasps and jump rings, as they are used in jewelry making, the piece can now be worn as a scarf with or without fringes, or as a cowl.

Instructions for making the scarf/cowl are on Ravelry: Ravelry Instructions for “It’s a Scarf! It’s a Cowl!”

If you prefer to watch a video, check out our new project video on YouTube:


We hope you will enjoy to make and wear your scarf … your cowl … your scarf … your cowl …


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