Gnome Friends

The holidays are so close together that the next two Gnomes of the Month will debut together. No March without St. Patrick’s Day, so here’s a “little green Irishman”, as our customer Kim B. puts it very fittingly. And “no fooling” that Easter is early this year and causes Bunny Gnome a lot of stress to get all eggs colored in time!

For March, there’s the “little green Irishman”, and he is a fancy one, with a plaid suit and a hat band that’s woven into the hat. Right at his side is of course a “pot of gold” … Happy St. Patrick’s Day, y’all! Click here for free project instructions.

IMG_7552 (2)

By the way, the coins are woven with Mylar crafting thread on the BabyTURTLE™ loom, another fun application to use our smallest loom, just measuring 1″ side-to-side. You can find this loom and all our hexagon pin looms at


Because Easter is so early this year, on April Fools Day, Bunny Gnome got paint all over while coloring eggs in a hurry, but the eggs did turn out pretty and shiny. The hat and body are easily woven, using a speckled yarn that takes care of adding the (no mess!) color effects.  Click here for free project instruction.


By the way, the egg basket can be made very quickly, weaving just one 4″ hexagon, and in less than an hour you can have it filled with hexipuff “eggs”. Even without Bunny Gnome the egg basket will make a nice hostess gift or decoration item. Also, use the larger 6” loom to make a larger basket, either with more eggs or larger 4”eggs … Happy Easter!



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