Hello, Spring!

I’ve been thinking of using the title “Introduction to Yarn Bombing” for this blog entry, but then the promise of spring giddiness prevailed.

The northern hemisphere of Earth – at least on the calendar – is now in spring mode. Let’s celebrate that with a pretty garden flag, whether there’s still snow on the ground or not! We chose a daffodil flower to help. The daffodil is botanically known as narcissus, elsewhere named jonquil and “Lent Lily”, and it symbolizes new beginnings, like spring.

The Daffodil Garden Flag is a great beginner project: Weave up some 6″  hexagons in a variety of bright colors. The assembly is easy. The finished flag measures about 16″ x 32″, just right to make a statement!


To make the flag, you will need a TexaTURTLE™ hexagon pin loom kit and the free project instructions on Ravelry.

We used “Paintbox Simply Aran” from LoveKnitting.com, a perfect yarn for all TURTLE looms. The huge color palette made it easy to pick the perfect colors for this project. And acrylic comes in handy since it can withstand a rain shower or two. You can also use other worsted weight yarns, for example “I Love This Yarn” from Hobby Lobby or Red Heart “Super Saver”.

The Black Metal Garden Flag Pole (length 39″, width 17″) was an easy find at Hobby Lobby (use your 40% off coupon).

Don’t stop here …


  • Make more than one flag and create your own flower garden.
  • Use different colors to make different flowers, like forget-me-nots, sunflowers, roses, or daffodils/lilies in pastel colors.
  • Make the flowers in different sizes on smaller TURTLE hexagon pin looms and create appliques, wall hangings, or even key chains.

Happy weaving! Happy spring!





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