Graduate Gnome

Easter  and Bunny Gnome were so early, and May is still ways to go, so we decided to add another gnome in between.

Meet Graduate Gnome, who just got his degree from the Hexagon University. He got his hexagon diploma and is now ready to conquer the world!

Do you have family members or friends graduating this year? Are you planning a graduation celebration, or planning to attend one? A Graduate Gnome might add a nice touch to it.

Graduate Gnome is made of Berroco® Ultra® Wool, and his beard is as usual Berroco® Plush®. You can use other worsted weight yarns, but I keep on coming back to Ultra® Wool, because it makes those gnomes look so very “natural”.

I chose black for the gown color, but you can of course replace that with a color of your choice. Ultra Wool with currently 70 colors will most likely not let you down. The diploma is one 2″ hexagon, rolled up and tied with a pretty red 1/8″ ribbon, and there is a bonus “Graduate” charm. The tassel is quickly made of embroidery floss.


Weave your gnome using the 6″ TexaTURTLE™ loom, the original 4″TURTLE Loom™, and the 2″ TinyTURTLE™ loom. If you don’t have a hexagon pin loom yet, you can get all the looms you need in the “Loom Combo II” at a discounted price.

The instructions to make Graduate Gnome are free of charge on Ravelry.

Let’s celebrate!


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