Pantone and Lace



It’s really “First Lessons in Lace Weaving”, but the “Pantone Color of the Year” receives an honorable mention for providing the perfect backdrop for this hexagon pin loom lace project. 



Pattern weaving is not really the first thing that comes to mind when making hexagons, since plain weave hexagons already offer so many things to do … why bother with patterns? Short answer: Because you can.

My future projects list included a note “do something with patterns … whenever”.

I wish to blame it on fellow pin loom weaver Amber Vigil that it actually happened. Amber’s beautiful Bronson Lace & Spot Bronson weaving patterns on square pin looms have been stuck in my mind for months, particularly since Bronson is one of my favorite lace patterns. And then … the plain weave center of a hexagon is the perfect playground to experiment …

Here’s a fun, easy starter project if you want to try lace weaving: Weave three lace hexagons and three liner hexagons on the TexaTURTLE™ loom and sew them together in a unique way to make a cute little storage basket. Great to hold keys, notions, or a small craft project!


For the lace hexagons I used Berroco Ultra Alpaca in “Winter White“, a very soft yarn with just the right give for weaving. It shows the lace pattern in a very playful way.

For the lining I wanted a good contrast color to emphasize the lace.  The Patone Color of the Year “Ultra Violet” came to mind, but it was not easy to find a worsted weight yarn in that color. I was very happy to find Berroco Ultra Wool in “Lupine“, which in my opinion is very close to that very special ultra violet.

        Color of the Year 2018 Color Chips


Are you ready? You can find project instructions for the baskets on Ravelry, and don’t forget to download the lace weaving instructions here.

Happy lace weaving!

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