Elongon™ 2″ – Introducing Elongated Hexagon Weaving

It’s hard to imagine that there’s ever an end to what you can do with regular hexagons,  but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t more  … please welcome our first elongated hexagon pin loom Elongon™ 2″.


Elongated hexagons … what’s that? Elongated means “usually long in relation to its width” and with a hexagon you can achieve that if you pull two opposite corners out. You still have a hexagon, of course, but now it is “longer”.







So what? you may ask. In summary, elongated hexagons add more design possibilities. Instead of rows and columns and the “flower” layout that you already know from regular hexagons, think of starting with a cross as center, and then work your way out from there sideways, upwards, downwards, and diagonally. You can see this with the sample project “Swirly Table Topper” which my daughter designed when she tested the Elongon™ 2″.








Another example comes from fellow pin loom weaver Kim B. who tested the new Elongon™ 2″ and send us the following project message: “If you don’t already recognize it , it is a take on the ‘Patchwork of the Crosses’ by Lucy Boston.  If you don’t know this quilt, just search for it on Pinterest and spend the next 6 hours looking.” (Oh, so true!)

Best of all: If you already know how to weave a TURTLE hexagon, you already know how to weave an elongated TURTLE hexagon. The instructions are the same! (If you are new to TURTLE hexagon weaving, check out our instructional videos on Youtube)

But you don’t need to stop here. It’s in the name Elongon™ 2″ that each side of this hexagon loom measures two inches. This is noteworthy because it means that you can combine the Elongon™ 2″ with other shaped pin looms that also have a side length of 2″.

One example is the original TURTLE Loom™.  . While the original TURTLE Loom™ is the closest in size to the traditional 4″ square pin looms, the actual side length is about 2″. Combining the original TURTLE Loom™ with the new Elongon™ 2″ you can make something like this “Sunflower Dish Cloth”:


Or, if you have any 2″ square loom and have been wondering what you can make with those little squares, here’s a “Mug Mat” idea for you:


These are just “getting started” project suggestions … the world’s imagination is the limit. Here are a few more random variations with just the two colors and shapes from the Mug Mat above:







Are you ready to get started?

The first Elongon™ 2″ Loom Kits are ready to ship, you can buy them at our Etsy store.




Note: You may notice the locker hook instead of the crochet hook. We now let you choose your weaving tool(s) that come with the kit.


Over the next few days you will start to see instructions for “getting started” projects on Ravelry (you will see links for: Swirly Table Topper, Sunflower Dish Cloth, Mug Mat).

While you’re waiting for your loom to arrive, grab a coffee, tea, or glass of wine, sit back, and watch the Elongon 2″ launch movie:

Happy weaving!


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