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Interweave returned the projects from the new “Easy Weaving with little looms 2018” magazine to their homes, and since our Grape Table Topper came home, I am taking that opportunity to celebrate with some weaving time on our shady porch.


I want to thank Interweave for the opportunity to be part of this year’s “little looms” with the Grape Table Topper, but even more I would like to applaud the “little looms” team for delivering amazing content around little looms for the third year in row. The magazine is another treasure trove and true collector’s item.

I don’t know how many times I’ve flipped through it, and I keep discovering something new or get inspired. Jenny Sennott’s well documented research project about “Wandering through the Wools” for example is an amazing read about how different wools work together. While the article is written for rigid heddle looms, the information is extremely interesting for other little loom weavers as well.

I have a knack for woven wearables, so another article that’s dear to my heart is Judith Shangold’s “Rectangles and How to Wear Them”.

Favorite project? Oh, dear … I do know that I want to weave “some” towels. Deborah Bagley’s “Which Way Market Bag” will make a great project bag. Elisabeth Hill’s “The Well-Dressed Pup Collar” in a little longer would make a nice jeans belt. Deborah Jarchow’s “Elegant Evening Bag” is not just elegant but – worn over-the-shoulder – also very practical (and I like practical). Sarah Bixler’s “Shaker Twisted Table Runner” is intriguing in its technique as well as a great homage to the crafty Shakers. And look what you can do with that recycled sari silk! Lastly, I continue to chuckle over the “Market Vegetables” … (yes, there’s more)

And then there is the Grape Table Topper!

Enough said, I hope you will enjoy the magazine as much as I do.

Interweave offers the magazine in print or in digital. I treated myself to both, because I like to look at the printed version, but when I decide to make something, I like a good print-out that I can mark up. If you’re on a tight budget … check for Interweave coupons!

Don’t forget, if you decide to make the grape table topper, you can get the original TURTLE Loom™ here.

Happy weaving, and I can hardly wait for “little looms 2019” …

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  1. I picked up a copy of LITTLE LOOMS #3 before I saw your posting here…was so delighted to see the grape mat!! I showed the issue ( and my loom) to a friend and she bought the original Turtle and the TexaTurtle looms I had orderd to use in a workshop class…will be writing you for MORE class looms soon!

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