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Memorial Day … Remembrance Day … Decoration Day … are names for a holiday that reminds of those who have given their life in wars. There are many traditions that developed along the history of this holiday … one of them is to wear a poppy flower.

The poem handwritten by McCrae. In this copy, the first line ends with "grow", differing from the original printed version.

The tradition has its roots in John McCrae’s poem “In Flanders Fields” , first published during the First World War.

Later the idea was promoted in America by Moina Michael.

I learned of the tradition through some veterans years ago, who were handing out little silk poppy flowers during Memorial Day celebrations.

You can make your own poppy flower, with very little effort. All you need is two woven hexagons and maybe a pin back (although a safety pin will do). The poppy flower would also make a pretty embellishment for a little girl’s head band.

You can make a large poppy flower that measures about 3″ across, which is made with Original TURTLE Loom™ petals and a black TinyTURTLE™ Loom center. If you find this too big, you can make the petals using the TinyTURTLE™ loom, and use the BabyTURTLE™ loom to make the center. This will result in a small poppy flower that measures about 2″ across. We used Yarn Bee Soft Secret yarn, because it has such a pretty sheen. However, any small amounts of red and black worsted weight yarn will do.

This project goes so fast and is so easy, consider introducing your (grand)children to weaving at your family gathering this weekend, while talking about the history and meaning of Memorial Day.

You can find free photo-guided instructions on how to make the poppy flowers here.


BONUS: For many years I used a “Holiday Helper” teaching guide about Memorial Day, and I have permission from the author Sheila Carroll to share this amazing resource with you. You don’t have to be a teacher … it is a wonderful read for anyone, and of course it contains a lot of things that are perfect for sharing with children of all ages. Download the free Memorial Day Holiday Helper

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend!


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  1. Somebody asked a good question … “I only have the original TURTLE loom. How can I make the black center?”

    Here are some suggestions:
    – Weave a 2″ square instead of the hexagon and pull it in the same way. Tug it into shape.
    – Use a black button.
    – Use a piece of felt or fabric.
    – Use or make a little pom pom.

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