Weave & Stitch Along — Count Down!


Less than a week until we start our Weave & Stitch Along …

Many of you downloaded the “Getting Ready” guide, posted pictures, and shared ideas … how exciting!

Click here to download the “Getting Started” guide if you haven’t gotten to it yet, and this week we also have a brief video that shows a few more things about getting ready …

Some people asked what we’re going to do with the embroidered motifs. Here are the two table topper suggestions as mentioned in the video:


We’ve also started a Pinterest board where we will collect pins about and around the W&S Along. You can visit the early beginnings here.

If you’re new to weaving, use this week to learn how to weave a motif so that you’re ready next week to start the embroidery work.

Do you have questions or comments? Please post them here, on Facebook, on Ravelry, or email gabi@texasgabi.com

Until next week!

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