Weave & Stitch Along – Decisions!

One more week before we officially end  this Weave & Stitch Along! The first final projects are in, and so are some very pretty new stitches … 

20180730_095652_resizedIf you have too many ideas and not enough time … you’re not alone. My daughter surprised me with 40 hexagons, dyed in one of my favorite colors: indigo blue! I don’t think I will be able to resist using those … and maybe add a little Sashiko embroidery … all this week? Oh, dear.

An important part of finishing a project is to decide and do. If you have several ideas that you like, pick the one that you want to do “first”. There’s always the next project.

Also … this week is not the last week ever … We had one person START the WSAL last week, and all the tools will stay available.

Long story short, here is a TO-DO LIST for you for this week:

  • Hug someone or something you love.
  • Send a mid-year greeting card to someone whom you haven’t heard of since last Christmas.
  • Oh, yes, here we go: Work step by step through the Week 8 worksheet to finish your project.
  • Ask questions on Facebook, Ravelry, or email me at gabi@texasgabi.com.

Lastly, I started a Weave & Stitch Along Guest Book and I would like to invite you to leave a comment! I hope that this might turn into a yearbook-style memory that we can revisit in the future to recall the things that we crafted together, and all the things that happened during these last two months.


One thought on “Weave & Stitch Along – Decisions!

  1. I have learned so much. I am behind again but will get it done! Thank you Gabi for the support and ideas.

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