Weave & Stitch Along – Week 8 – Now What?

The Weave & Stitch Along finale is here … let’s put together what we have made and make a Sampler Table Topper

Some people have asked what comes after Week 7. There are two more things to talk about (maybe three): First, let’s preserve the work that we have done so far and put it all together into a pretty Sampler Table Topper. Secondly, we’ll chat about a few ideas on what to do after the WSAL is over. And thirdly, there is a final giveaway!

We will have two weeks to make the table topper, and there is a “5-Step Process to Product” to help with that: There are tips to help determine which kind of table topper to make, suggestions for different joining methods, and yes, there is embroidery involved as we look at “crazy quilt” embroidery stitches.

Let’s take a look at this week’s tools:


The Worksheet

Click here to download the worksheet for Week 8 and get started any time. You will have two weeks to complete the table topper.


The Video

The video explains the steps and tools you’ll need. When you need for a break, watch the Show-and-Tell, and don’t miss the Giveaway Announcement!

The Quick Access List in the video description provide easy access to specific content of the video as needed. Go to the Video Description.


Remember to check out the Giveaway Details here!






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